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What are ways you can get things for free from Top Left Design?

What’s easy to get from us for free?

Did you know we sometimes do things for free? This is not because we’re fools. We find ways to exchange value.

We don’t want to take without giving back – and we like to prove ourselves before expecting anything.

There are many things we’ve offered in the past – in our social media posts and newsletter. In fact, we reward those who pay attention! We give clients special treatment and added services free of charge. And in return, we get referrals, additional projects, participation in interviews. Or, simply, quicker decisions.

Design of social media banners:

LinkedIn banner designs help you appear more consistent and professional. While this can sometimes become a bigger task than expected, we can shorten the time through efficiency. This means we can use these as extra bonuses to reward you. We show two or three options, and make changes according to feedback. We guide the process to test it so we know it fits in the right space on your profile.

15% off your website:

Fast action bonus - 15% off (not free but a great discount)

We give a healthy discount in honour of special occasions like holidays (Halloween, “Big May” etc). So, if you have paid attention to social media posts mentioning offers, you’ll be pleased you did! As the saying goes, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a stick. And, we also give these when people make quicker decisions! As we’ve said, pay attention and you get rewarded!

Loom reviews:

Loom reviews are recorded videos using a tool called Loom. Within a video, we show your website and talk through what we’d recommend. We point out issues, errors, discrepancies, and mistakes – as well as recommending better solutions and “quick wins”. You would be amazing how much you can learn in just 2-3 minutes.

Mini Audit:

Owl Eye Audit - free

Audits are written reports we give people as rewards for bringing us new clients or projects. They can be used as a way to scope a future project. Audits ake longer to prepare than Loom videos and we make sure they are clear and actionable. Within these, we include “quick wins” – things you can quickly fix/tick off within 30 mins or less. Please see Owl eye audit for a full explanation.

Discovery Call:

Discovery calls are offered to business owners/marketing managers who know they need something to be done/upgraded or fixed. However, often they are not sure where to start. There are many steps to consider in any project. We have the experience to guide you. A short call can shed so much light on what you need to prioritise. You can even book one from a button on the top of our website! Discovery calls give us an understanding of the scope of a project. Following this, we usually can create a proper proposal which means you can begin to visualise your project being completed and launched!

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