We care about our CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to a company’s responsibility to manage its impact on society and the environment.

It involves following certain criteria or principles to ensure good CSG practices, such as transparency and accountability in business operations, fair labour practices and human rights protection for our team, environmental sustainability and responsible resource management, and ethical and responsible corporate governance and decision-making.

Essentially, CSR is about being a socially responsible business and making decisions that benefit both the company and society as a whole.

How do we do this?

Fair labour practices and human rights protection for employees

We are all about keeping the team at TLD safe, happy and healthy. Here are some of the ways we do this:

Flexible working hours – If someone needs time to go do personal tasks or admin we just let each other know and get on with it. There is no clocking in and out.

Training & development – We encourage continuous learning and skill-building. One of our core values is “Teach & Learn” so we’re always implementing this!

Transparency & communication – As a small company we all pitch in with creating policies, making decisions and defining performance expectations. We know we thrive when we’re open and honest.

We could go on and on, and we’re happy too if you need advice!

Transparency and accountability in our business operations

Internally we encourage communication of how we’re doing with our tasks . We check in with each other about when we’re planning to take time off. This is how, as a small team, we balance workloads and keep our clients happy and informed.

We adhere to high standards for our clients. We want to relieve their worries, so we communicate milestones and next steps so they know what’s going on.

We ask questions and ensure we fully understand their needs so we can make best recommendations.

When our clients share their ideas and vision for their business and marketing, we are encouraging and excited for them for their project! This keeps them motivated towards launch and beyond.

We give our clients easy and clearly explained guides, training, time and patience and many free resources so they can become more confident in their own marketing.

We keep ourselves informed on tools and rules and let our clients know ahead of time when changes in the industry can affect them. This can include new policies and laws that affect their websites and communication. Remember GDPR?!

Environmental sustainability and responsible resource management

Here’s how we minimise the environmental impact of our websites:

Energy-efficient hosting – Our data centres are powered entirely by renewable energy with 100% coming from naturally renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro. And once our servers have lived their best lives, the hardware is sent to specialised computing recycling companies.

Responsive design – We create responsive web designs that adapt to different screen sizes and devices, reducing the need for multiple versions of a website.

Optimised images & web fonts – We compress images and videos to reduce their file sizes while maintaining quality. And as far as possible, we use system fonts when appropriate.

Efficient coding practices – We always try to minimise the use of unnecessary code and scripts, and use efficient coding practices, like CSS and JavaScript minification.

Regular audits & updates – We periodically review our clients website’s environmental impact and make necessary adjustments based on new technologies and best practices.

Giving back to the community and supporting social causes

Youth for Youth – After assisting with a brand-new website for them, we had the opportunity to participate in some really fun outings with Our Say Our Way Steering Group Residential aka ‘Youth for Youth’! Their mission of empowering young people really resonated with us. It’s a one of kind approach to bringing together and supporting young people from all over the UK.

Internships – Over the years we have had many different interns under our wing, where we teach them all we know. They help with design, content entry, internal project management, and the occasional coffee run!

Work with charities – We are passionate about helping out where we can. Not only do we offer reduced rates for charities, we work with them closely to help them tell impactful stories, relay their messages, and improve their relationships. We streamline their ways of connecting with donors and supporters through effective and thoughtful design.

Pro Bono work – We feel it’s important to give back, and charity work is something we’re passionate about. For passionately run smaller charities and meaningful initiatives that do not have the advantage of an in-house creative team, we love to help out where we can, offering up to 10 hours per quarter for free in ways that will benefit them in their cause.

Need advice on how to better your CSR?

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