How we do things

No two businesses are the same – our focus is to discover what differentiates you – your “unique greatness” and bring that out in the designs and communication we create for you.

We keep our clients “in the loop” at each step of the project, it’s important to us to make sure we’re happy and have good clear lines of communication. We’re organised too – filing our emails diligently and re-iterating important points where necessary. And we apply a “kaizen” mindset of continuous improvement and learning.  

Our Three Uniques

  1. Translating your personality and ethos
  2. Supporting you through the process
  3. Giving you results you are proud of

Company Values

Teach and Learn: We are always learning about design and online marketing, trying the latest tools for productivity, efficiency, design and communication We share knowledge as a team and with clients, taking the time to clearly explain technical how tos, tips and tricks.

We are Efficient, Effective and Reliable with the practices we have adopted – keyboard shortcuts, a library of resources and files, naming things properly, and sticking to project plans. We also share tips on being more efficient!

Being Caring and Helpful people by nature, we take care of each other and our clients – acknowledging and taking into account other people’s experiences and points of view.

And lastly, our team brings an Enthusiastic and Energetic spirit to work. Happiness spreads and we enjoy work even more!

Core Focus

Passionate Purpose: Revealing unique greatness through design and communication

Our Niche: Bespoke design & knowledge share

Our Guarantee

We promise not to implement until you are 100% happy with the design.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about our CSR. We strive to be a socially responsible business and aim to make decisions that benefit both the company and society as a whole.

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