Revealing unique greatness through design and communication

We help our clients find out their “Unique Greatness” and understand what they need to share and show online. We want you to feel confident and proud of the impression you are making. We have a knack for figuring out what makes you the best of you, and what attracts those folk you want to attract. We can co-create with you, an impactful, impressive representation of your brand online. Through learning about you and your audience,  and understanding your and their behaviours (whew!) we help you raise awareness and share your messages. We strategise, design, use social media, plan marketing, write copy, and code code (not in that order!). We create websites, email newsletters, logos, brochures, sharable images.


Our process is simple

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    We begin every project by thoroughly exploring your brand, target audience, and communication goals to develop a roadmap of solutions that work for you.

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    We do more than just make you look good. We develop visual assets and a messaging strategy that facilitate positive and healthy communication.

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    We are very flexible to your needs and are here to help you with the ongoing visual communication and development of your brand and business.

Website design

Ready for a website design which will blow your socks off? Here’s how we do it:

We’ve been refining our unique design process for many years.

It involves asking you some really interesting questions, the answers to which help us get a good brief. We then apply our skills to design a site for you which is unique, outstanding and communicates the best of you.

We guarantee we will build you a website which creates a good first impression. We’ll consider modern design expectations and browser behaviours; as well as how your site will look on different devices.

To keep you ahead of the competition, we’re always on the lookout for what’s new in websites, in code and how people behave online.

What’s more (yes, there is more!) we won’t walk away once your site is live. We will plan for future updates and adaptability and keep in touch to make sure you remain proud of your online presence, and that your site keeps working hard for you.


Want to sell your products or services online? We know all the tips and tricks which lead to success. Make the leap to selling online – we’re here to support you and your business.


We create well-designed and well-written newsletters and help with setup, mailing lists, structure and boosting open rates.  Learn about analytics and watch your stats soar!


There is so much more to your brand than just your logo and colours. That’s why we pour a lot of time, research and creativity into our branding projects. Our approach is very thorough. We’ll ask lots of questions to really understand your business and what makes it unique; and bring that out through design and typography. Want a brand new brand? You’ve come to the right place.


Words matter too! Every day, we see the difference it makes when we tweak and improve wording.  Good communication is a merger of words and design. We ask great questions to extract what’s different and special about you, and turn it into engaging headlines, bullet points, taglines and paragraphs.

Design for Print

Your designs need to be consistent. We create eye-catching marketing material for consistency and recognition including Business Stationery, Brochures, Magazines, Invitations, Direct Marketing Campaigns, Leaflets, Branding, Product packaging and PDF design. We also source quotes from printing companies, bespoke illustration and finding images.

Website Maintenance

If you need your website updated, small changes or big changes, we can help. When it comes to adding new landing pages, changing text, updating footer links, making your Twitter feed work, updating your images, adding new social media icons and feeds, incorporating a blog, or creating special offers, we can help – and know which questions to ask. More information on this page:

Customised WordPress Blogs and Websites

Blogs are a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. We create bespoke designed, customised WordPress blogs that fit seamlessly with the rest of your website, or work on their own. We also help you with headline writing and give you the skills to update, format and share your blog.

Social media training

Anyone who uses social media properly will tell you how powerful it is for learning, connecting, raising awareness and building a community of fans and followers. Each channel has different rules so we provide training and advice on what’s best for you. Read More Here

Marketing your site

We work with you to create a marketing plan to increase your brand’s online presence and create an approach that gets results.


We provide fast, reliable and secure website and email hosting with the help of our hosting partners whose customer service is as topnotch as ours.