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TLD Company Values

Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of work on defining who we are, applying the EOS System with the help of Julia Langkraehr from Bold Clarity. It’s been amazing, and one of the exercises we did was defining our values. We did this as a team, facilitated by until we had narrowed down to 4 key values.

These are the qualities that everyone of us within the team has and what makes us so great to work with!

And there is other evidence of this – in the experiences our clients have and in the information we share on our blog and social media channels.

Explaining Hashtags on Twitter

Yes! I am going to explain how hashtags work on Twitter. Many people feel this is old news, but since I keep having people ask me to explain it to them during my social media and content marketing workshops, I thought I would just explain it properly in this post!

Basic definition:

Hashtags are Twitter’s way of filtering out the topics on Twitter. To make a hashtag, you just put a # sign next to a word – without a space.

You can make up your own, or search Twitter for the most commonly used one on a particular topic.

The basic use is to add specific keywords, usually at the end of a tweet. Hashtags are one word or several words together – without any punctuation marks or spaces. A lot of people mistakenly put hyphens, quote marks, apostrophes or spaces – this just breaks the hashtag word into two – so avoid this please! Keep those words stuck together.

They are useful in 3 main ways

Choosing and optimising your WordPress theme site

While we specialise bespoke designed WordPress sites, occasionally, we are asked to use a WordPress theme. Themes are available from a lot of different sources, at varying degrees of quality, but I admit there are a few nice ones out there. It’s less expensive as they are pre-designed and the HTML is already built.So, sometimes it’s what’s best for a client, at that point in their business. But sometimes we find them to be slow to load and overly complex – they come with far too many things in them.

What makes you a "star pupil"?

We don’t run a school, but one of our big values is “Teach and Learn”.

We work with all sorts of clients, large and small, and many of them prefer, they say, to continue along the path of marketing with just a few maintenance changes on their site but with them essentially managing their stuff themselves. We learn a lot from our clients, about their businesses, what works and what doesn’t, who they are looking to meet, who their best clients are, and what their challenges are.