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Halloween Flash Sale

Top Left Design Halloween Flash Sale 

Get started without spending any money!

We just love Halloween. And the last one newsletter “An Omen or a Premonition” explains why.

We also sent one with time limited offer – which we thought – let’s share on the blog too! A chance for you to lock in 20% off a chosen project – with no obligations – with a Flash Sale!

How the Flash Sale works

Scenario: You know you need to get on with a refresh of your website or a new idea for your business.

This would include requirements for any number of things!

What to begin with? Is a holding page enough? Do you need new branding? Will a landing page work? 

With us, it’s a matter of high value. Affordable and done properly! TLD has been around for 20 years now. That’s a lot of learning, working with SMES, and running an agile small business. We have evolved and have learned what works for our clients and for ourselves. We are super curious, so we have many examples and real-life stories of businesses with similar goals and challenges to yours.  In fact, we’ve worked consistently with many for years. That’s a lot of insight.

4 steps:

  • Request our new Intake Questions document to fill in
  • We send you our report with 5 or more suggestions to help you prioritise – based on your answers.
  • We’ll incorporate insight we have from similar experiences within your industry.
  • We then give you a voucher for £200 cash back or 20% off the project we decide works for you. You can do the maths!

How to participate

Click here to reply with the word FLASH-AHA, before midnight on the 31st October 2022, and we’ll get you setup with our questions. 

Enjoy our offer and see you on the other side!

The TLD Team

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