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Krema Angelova - superstar client

Story of our superstar gem client, Krema Angelova jewellery

We started working with Krema, who makes handmade jewellery with gems and crystals in an unusual way, through a chance meeting. There were so many coincidences and it felt like fate!

Krema and I met on a webinar run by Helen Walker about confidence. I had signed up to first and foremost support our superstar client Helen and second (without knowing it) because it was a way for the universe to bring me and Krema together and now we’re good friends on top of it all!

During this webinar, back in 2020, when we were making introductions, I heard that Krema was a Bulgarian business owner living in the UK and I am a UK citizen business owner who spends a lot of time in Bulgaria.

Sidenote: For those who are wondering “is Keren Bulgarian too?” I am not – but it is due to my family setting up a film studio there many years ago.

Krema makes jewellery out of crystals, by hand. And much of it is made to order. Because the crystals are in jewellery and therefore worn on you all day, you are more likely to experience the magic of crystals. Crystals are known to help with balance, focus, motivation, healing and confidence – because they are natural and work with the energy of our bodies. See this post we helped Krema with – Can gems really heal you?

Whether you believe in this or not, Krema expressed that she would like help with bringing her personality more into her marketing. After a separate chat, she signed up for our Loyalty Club, and we began working together on many projects, as is the nature of the TLD Loyalty Club.

Some of the projects we worked on:

Redesigning how her Instagram page would look with new templates and styles

Krema Angelova - instagram post

Flyers and PDFs she would use in her marketing to explain what the crystals can do

Krema Angelove Jewllery Wholesale brochure

Updates to her website (which is a Wix site) to fully show a catalogue of gems

Gems for Krema Angelova

Image creation

Reworking all the images of her stones so they were clean and cut out on a white background and could be seen clearly on flyers, her website, and on Instagram.

Marketing direction and focus

Along with our “Stand Out Content” workshop which highlighted her key messages and created clarity around her client avatar, we encouraged her on her way to a natural habit of creating video content (we’d meet up and create our own videos as well).

Setting her up on Google Merchant service and Instagram shopping feature

This allows the ability for people could buy her jewellery through Google and Instagram as well as visiting her website.


Writing her headlines and copy in clearly set out blog articles, telling her story and the benefits of gems and crystals.


Writing LinkedIn posts where she could communicate her personality and ethos (as well as why she works with gems and crystals and how they help her clients).

Branding extension

Creating versions of her logo which she could use in overlaid social media images.

Email newsletters

Creating and sending a series of newsletters she could send to her audience, related to events such as mother’s day and the technical issues she had with Instagram account.

Newsletter image - Krema Angelova

Market research

With the help of Olga Kuzmina, we researched the wholesale market in the UK and asked shop owners what they were looking for when deciding what jewellery to stock.

Product naming and marketing

Helping with the naming and designing box inserts for her bespoke “Energiya” charm bracelets where the idea is to keep your stone close to you all day, every day, so the energy works to support you!

Design for print

As well as inserts to go into her packages when she sent boxes, we created a mini brochure for the Energiya bracelets.

All along we had so much fun and below is an Instagram video which gives a little bit of a view onto what she felt.

Krema already had a website, so the work we did mentioned above was not to do with creating a new one, but with her membership of the TLD Loyalty Club she was able to work long term with us, use all our team’s talents and our partner resources, and give her a breadth of services – marketing strategy, Canva templates, education, design, copy and technical fixes.

She’s since gone on to do even greater things, expanding her Bulgarian market and continuing to create content including live streams and flash sales, and selling more than ever. She is always full of ideas and is an inspiration to work with.

Plus I really believe she now has fun with marketing!

All the TLD girls have Energiya bracelets with gems chosen specifically for our own needs! She also offers a free consultation to anyone we recommend so please be sure to ask us for a special introduction.

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