An inspiring team of people

We’re a close team spread across 3 countries, with a head office in London, and we use various tools like Trello, Slack, and WhatsApp to keep in touch, sharing cat stories, efficiency tips, and design ideas with each other.

We go on at least 2 trips together a year – so far we’ve been to Brighton, The Highlands, Lake Garda (Italy), skiing in France, Bulgaria, Spain, New York, South Africa, Lithuania, Rotterdam and Cyprus. We make time for regular team building activities. We are committed, conscientious, caring and hardworking, and we enjoy the work we do – coding, design and helping clients! And of course, we’re a fun and friendly team!


Keren Lerner

Keren is the founder of Top Left Design, and she cares passionately about the power of design and communication to make the world a nicer place to live in – where things not only look better but make sense. She loves the variety of working with lots of different businesses and making a difference, and really cares about the happiness and development of the team.

Random fact about you?  I can name (actually, sing!) all the United States in alphabetical order

What’s your special talent? I am very good at coming up with headline ideas for content.

Best thing about your job?  Being able to make improvements in the way our clients show up in the world – even the little tweaks are satisfying!

AmySenyardSenior Designer

Amy Senyard

Amy has been with Top Left Design since December 2007. She has a degree in Graphic Design from TUT in South Africa. Amy works on design, content entry and formatting, keeping our clients’ websites up to date and generally being efficient! She now does this from sunny South Africa, as she has relocated there – but still works just as hard for us and our clients.

Best thing about your job? The ability to work with the most fantastic team and clients all the way from sunny South Africa – yay technology!

What phrase do you overuse the most? I’ll start on Monday (usually referring to exercise or cutting out certain food and drink)

What’s your favourite smell? The ocean… and pizza!

What’s your biggest fear? Diets

TamlynLawsCreative Director

Tamlyn Laws

Tam comes from a background of graphic and print design that has evolved into a love of creating designs in the ever-changing digital universe. On a day-to-day basis she works on projects from conceptualisation through to meticulously designed pixel perfect deliveries, and takes great pride in seeing the impact we have on our clients’ businesses. Outside of work Tam enjoys anything crafty, obsessing over her two cats, and is also partial to a glass (or three) of good wine.

What phrase do you overuse the most? [Insert cat name] stop scratching the furniture!

What’s your favourite smell? Woodfires, freshly cut grass and horses.

What’s your biggest fear? Gigantic, flappy moths.

Best thing about your job? The amazing team I work with. And Wine Fridays 🙂

ElisaWoolleyHR and Finance

Elisa Woolley

Elisa joined Top Left Design in November 2014 and is responsible for behind the scenes finance and administration. Coming from a background in the Finance industry, she came to the team with great organisational skills and extensive administrative experience. She ensures everything runs smoothly to allow the designers to work their creative magic!

What’s your favourite smell?  Freshly brewed coffee or baked goods!

What phrase do you overuse the most? Lola, how can you brush your teeth if you are singing?

Do you have a claim to fame? Having dinner with John Malkovich!

Best thing about your job? Working alongside talented designers and picking up the designer disease!

CandiceLagaayHR and Finance

Candice Lagaay

Candice just recently joined the TLD team and comes from 10 years’ experience in finance/sales in the logistics field. She looks after our HR and Finance needs all the way from a small beach town in the Western Cape, South Africa. We have known Candice for many years prior to her joining our team as she and Amy are childhood besties, so she is no stranger to TLD and very excited for this new journey.

What phrase do you overuse the most? I’m Hungry!

What’s your special talent? Being an Early Bird

Any random fact about you? I grew up thinking I’d never have a cat as a pet as I love dogs too much, I now have zero dogs and 2 cats!

Most annoying habit? Annoying Amy!


Aurimas Poskys

Aurimas is the latest member of TLD! He likes programming, especially because of that pleasant feeling when you learn something new, or when you manage to solve a task that you have been struggling for hours. It’s amazing. He also enjoys playing outdoor tennis, it’s a great sport to exercise the eyes and body. The combination of these to things fit together perfectly for him!

What makes you love this type of work? Dynamic tasks, that become easier and easier over time.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? I’m a big fan of the Fantastic series. My current Top 3: “Game of Thrones”, “The Walking Dead” and “Lucifer”.

What’s your favorite smell? A newly opened a pack of crisps!

What’s your special talent? Being able to sleep about 9 hours a day.

What’s going on over here? A blank space? Or is it..

Go on, take a look, we know you want to!

Take a peek!
Donor whisperer

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with a LOT of different coders and agencies. It’s taken me this long to find an agency I can trust when it comes to WordPress. I vetted them by spending my own money on a project. It went better than expected (and I expect a lot from the people I work with). I was wowed by how fast they worked, and the design was gorgeous!

Rachel CollinsonDonor Whisperer
TLD not only designed my website for one book but have managed to freshen it up for the next book…they keep my online presence smarter and more up to date than I could ever begin to and are constantly thinking of new ways to display my work. Its been a delight to work with the TLD team.
Anne Sebba

Top left Design consistently deliver a world class service. True masters of what they do they combine up-to-the-minute technical know how with creative flare and excellent customer service. I highly recommend them!

Jane Stanton Actress & Producer

Top-quality design, easy to update WordPress website, and a friendly, personable service.

Katharina Wawrzon-StewartUnlocking Words

We knew that if TLD created our new website it would be brilliant, just we hadn’t fully appreciated quite how they’d also capture our personality so perfectly. We now have a website to be proud of, sales enquiries have doubled and it’s not over yet. TLD have made it so user friendly and easy to update with WordPress that there’s still more to come.

Infant Success

Top Left Design have created my idea and made it into a reality. I have the most beautiful, inviting and authentic WordPress site. They’re awesome! You’re in safe hands, a true partnership of their expertise and one’s own ideas. Thank you SO much.

Araxie SimonInfant Success

Top Left Design have worked with us for over ten years and in that time have rebuilt, redesigned and re-engineered our website several times. TLD have a very high standard of work and, of course, use some of the best and approachable people. Above all their attention to detail and ability to help companies look for real value in their website is their strength

Rupert BackEaton House Schools
Travel Chest

Enormous thank you to the team of little stars! We were recommended to Keren by a travel colleague and after just one session we could see why. Keren immediately understood us – even if we didn’t understand ourselves! The result was a subtle, friendly social media campaign which our guests love and is the envy of our larger competitors.

Wendy LyotierTravel Chest

I loved working with the TLD team, they really want to help you to succeed. They are cutting edge, yet approachable, professional, creative, patient and most of all efficient! Raw energy, enthusiasm and excellence delivered with passion. I am delighted with my upgraded WordPress website. Thank you!

Jayshree DavePipaltree

Really impressed with TLD’s knowledge, ideas and their processes. Like most business owners, I have to get GOOD VALUE & MEASURABLE IMPROVEMENTS from consultants and suppliers, before I recommend them. TLD are delivering both for We Clear Junk!

Darren MercerWe Clear Junk