We wouldn’t be who we are without an inspiring team of people

Everyone is different but one thing we all have in common is that we are committed and hard working and we really care about the work we do – coding, design and helping clients! And of course we are a nice, fun and friendly team!

Keren Lerner

Keren Lerner has been running Top Left Design since January 2002. Keren is an experienced designer and an expert on usability and accessibility and using design to communicate clear marketing messages. She also regularly trains fellow business people and budding entrepreneurs in social media (follow her on Twitter here), blogging, the principles of good website design, creating effective email newsletters, and improving their online reputation. Her mission is to “clean up the internet” and empower clients to represent and promote themselves in a way they can be proud of.

What’s your dream holiday? Staying by the beach in Tel Aviv, Israel, hanging with family there, and swimming in the lovely warm sea.
What’s your special talent? I like to think I am persuasive, do you?
Best thing about your job? So many things! The fact that we are instrumental in transforming marketing. I love teaching – both business people and also my team. I love working with the amazing TLD team and seeing the results of our talent and hard work. I love that I get to spend time with so many amazing people every day!

Amy SenyardAmy Senyard

Amy Senyard

Amy has been with Top Left Design since December 2007. She has a degree in Graphic Design from TUT in South Africa. Amy works on design, content entry and formatting, keeping our clients’ websites up to date and generally being efficient! She now does this from sunny South Africa, as she has relocated there – but still works just as hard for us and our clients.

Best thing about your job? The ability to work with the most fantastic team and clients all the way from sunny Cape Town – yay technology!
What phrase do you overuse the most? I’ll start on Monday (usually referring to exercise or cutting out certain food and drink)
What’s your favorite smell? The ocean… and pizza!
What’s your biggest fear? Diets

Tamlyn HallTamlyn Hall

Tamlyn Hall

Another South African, Tamlyn already did quite a lot of a freelance work for us before joining the team full time in March 2010. She designed our Twitter page as well. She is a master of using Illustrator for drawing and has a strong background in design for print.

What phrase do you overuse the most? Is it wine Friday yet?
Any random fact about you: I can move my eyes independently of each other
Do you have a claim to fame? If so, what? I once blagged us into the after AFTER party of the first The Expendable’s premiere and hung out with Jason Statham
Best thing about your job? The amazing team I work with. And Wine Fridays:)

Elisa WoolleyElisa Woolley

Elisa Woolley

Elisa Woolley

Elisa joined Top Left Design in November 2014 and is responsible for behind the scenes finance and administration. Coming from a background in the Finance industry, she came to the team with great organisational skills and extensive administrative experience. She ensures everything runs smoothly to allow the designers to work their creative magic!

What’s your favourite meal? Cheese and wine!
What’s your biggest fear? Snakes, can’t even look at a picture of one!
Do you have a special talent? Multi-tasking with my 3 year old daughter or baking cakes!
Best thing about your job? Working with great people and getting to learn more about the creative world!

Tom BagdanaviciusTom Bagdanavicius

Tom Bagdanavicius

Tom Bagdanavicius

Tom takes care of front-end development – keeping our designs pixel perfect and in line with responsive templates. He has been working with TLD since 2008 and lives in Lithuania. He is especially good at attention to detail and keeping up to date with the latest in HTML and CSS.

He is in his element building pixel perfect HTML – and says “It does consume a lot of time, but worth the effort!”

What’s your most annoying habit? I tend to hit command + s a lot. I know, I am working on it…
What phrase do you overuse the most? Random order. Because it’s an oxymoron. Or is there a method in madness?..
What’s your special talent? I have a great photographic visual memory. Helps in my line of work. I also enjoy having mental workshops before I do actual job.
Best thing about your job? Every day is an opportunity. I love the challenge. I also like the fact that in our field of work so many things can be automated, yet the human factor and creativity are essential in moving forwards and achieving success.

Domas GaidelisDomas Gaidelis

Domas Gaidelis

Domas Gaidelis

Domas was chosen after an intensive shortlisting process to find the best genius developer to join our team. He works on custom WordPress integrations, advises on site performance and teams, and even contributes to our technical blog posts!

Best thing about your job? Best thing about my job is that I can learn and improve my technological skills. This is what motivates me do my job. Unfortunately, technologies evolve very fast so it is impossible to learn everything.

What’s your biggest fear? I am really afraid of time and taking serious decisions. You can literally loose years of your life if you do it wrong or when it’s too late.

What’s your special talent? My imagination – it becomes very useful when joined with other talents or skills.

Charlotte ColvinCharlotte Colvin

Charlotte Colvin

Charlotte Colvin

Charlotte joined TLD right at the very beginning of January 2017 after meeting Keren at a fancy dress “Debauched Christmas Party” in Brixton. She is a project manager and helps keep the team on track and clients informed.

Best thing about your job? The team! Always an absolute delight to come into work, no matter how heavy the weekend
What phrase do you overuse the most? Where’s the cat?
What’s your favourite smell? Freshly cut grass and stables
What’s your biggest fear? Spiders and snakes

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