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Owl Eye Audit

Owl Eye Audit Offer - the full details!

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, there are problems with your website and marketing. It’s true for all of us.

However, here’s a way for you to take an easy first step into tackling something you’ve known to be true, turning that feeling of sheepish shame into pride at your proactive action!

The fact is, if your website has design and usability errors, it means people are less likely to stick around on your site. If your site has technical errors it can make it hard for Google to even index or read your site! And if your marketing doesn’t appeal to your audience, you’ve wasted most of your time.

We have a special offer of a website and marketing audit, so you can have a clear report and know which parts of the website and marketing need fixing.

Made with our hands, eyes and brains!

Our TLD Owl Eye Audit is not just one you’d get using automated tools that scan your site. We really look at your site and your marketing activity and use our brains and experience and great communication skills to help you prioritise next steps!

Get in touch via messaging me privately on LinkedIn or emailing us or filling out our contact form.

Once you get your audit, you can organise the improvements and fixes yourself, or have us provide them in a super affordable way.

We look at these 6 things:

WordPress and Plugins

Are these the most up to date versions? When these lapse, it can cause security holes and things on the site can suddenly and mysteriously break. Not keeping these up to date means you are missing out on new features, better performance, bug fixes and other enhancements.


We check if your site is being indexed properly on Google, and where there can be improvements on the website and in the wider sphere online that can help you to get more traffic.

Page Speed

We can check what page speed results could be improved on mobile and desktop. Then we can recommend different types of optimisation to improve the score!


Based on what you WANT people to know about you and your business, how clear is your communication, on your website and your social media?


The journey people take on your website should be simple and clear. We look at the layout, the wording and the navigation and let you know. 


SSL provides an encrypted connection between your website server and a visitor’s browser. If your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, it shows up as “Not Secure” in Google Chrome. And Google cares too – they prefer secure sites, and rank them better, so having this on your site will give you a small boost on your Google rankings. If this isn’t enough to convince you, consider the security aspect. If you have a form on your website, take any payments on your site, have a login area,  card payments, utilise a log-in page you do need an SSL Certificate.

Over to you

You know what to do! Head over to our contact form and mention “Owl Eye Audit” and we’ll be in touch with next steps!

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