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Francesca Valli - TLD client superstar

Superstar Francesca Valli from Chrys and our journey to help her digitally transform.

Our featured superstar client for this post is Francesca Valli from Chrys. We worked with her on a new website recently but the project involved so much more.

Francesca is definitely a superstar. She is also a technology transformation expert who works with CFOs and helps them with digital transformation. She responded to an offer I put out for a Loom review, where I pointed out some of the design issues on her website.

After a few Zooms, Francesca decided we were a good fit, and after the audit, she and I got to work planning and storyboarding. Before any design was done we worked out the complete hierarchy of the information and how she could communicate her message to her target audience – CFOs in large organisations embarking on digital transformation. She wanted to highlight the mistakes usually made and how with her help they could set their organisation up for a successful transition.

Once we had the story set, we worked on wireframes, and this showed a basic layout of how the information would fit in within the panels and boxes of her single-purpose landing page.

Before and after – rarely seen

Chrys - before and after

Once this was signed off – we moved to the next stage – design.

Francesca said while she would be open to us showing the wireframes translated into designs, it had to be possible to rebuild in Squarespace – as this is the platform she was using for her old website, and wanted to continue with.

It’s rare to implement a bespoke designed website using Squarespace, as many of you who know us know we’re WordPress specialists, but we decided to try anyway. We did manage through trial and error and we were able to save a lot of money as rebuilding the HTML and integrating WordPress would have taken longer with the help of Francesca’s Squarespace developer.

Details matter for us and for Francesca

This was in essence a “design only” project as we didn’t work on the code. Tam created the design, and then we wrote a few snag lists for Sara, Francesca’s Squarespace specialists, to get the designs as close as possible. You can see the site live here.

During the design process, we went through our usual steps, and once look and feel was signed off, Tam designed some branded clear information features:

Chry - getting your house in order
Chrys - Francesca Valli

More design work

Tam also designed some screens so she could use them in her videos – below are a couple of them – these designs are also used on Francesca’s company LinkedIn page for Chrys.

What makes Francesca a superstar?

It didn’t take me long to put this quick list together, and she very much embodies the qualities of our “ideal client”. In case you’re wondering who we attract and work well with – it’s exactly these types of qualities which make for great project experience and great results!

Her collaborative communication approach: We found the sessions working out her story, the right words to use, how to communicate her full understanding of the problems that her CFO clients suffer from. We talked about the merits of her programme and her unique experience that makes her an expert

Her appreciation: We had some issues with our team being off sick with Covid, and she was incredible understanding that we would be late by a few days with the designs. When she saw them, she really made us feel great by telling us how much she loved them!

Her expertise: It’s inspiring to work with clients who really are dedicated and skilled and working with their own clients. Our job is to translate this, her ethos and her personality, into the website and other material we do

Her efficiency: Whenever we needed something – approval or assets for her to check with her other suppliers, we received communications within hours of our last meeting. And we only met on Zoom – you could say that we used our otherwise commuting time to send the follow up emails and messages needed to keep the project moving.

Her testimonial for us!

Below is a screenshot of the LinkedIn testimonial Francesca wrote for us, another thing we naturally loved!

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