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Starlight Barking Rescue Dogs

Wendy thinks we're superstars and together we've helped rehome thousands of dogs!

Our wonderful superstar client Wendy Lyotier from Snowbizz is a long-time Loyalty Club member.

We first worked with Wendy to create the new Snowbizz website. Since then, we’ve done many more projects and created websites for her dog rescue charity Starlight Barking, her idea to connect the travel industry to charity ventures.

We just received an amazing email from Wendy, totally not expected but so appreciated which I wanted to share as it makes our work here so so worthwhile!

I’ll paste it below word for word – read and let us know if you want to learn more!

Wendy’s superstar testimonial

I was recommended to Keren and Tamlyn back in 2012 when our family-run ski holiday business had a little blip. Together they brought all the magic back to Snowbizz, transformed our website but best of all made us believe in ourselves again. 

I then asked them to help with a personal dream. To create a website that would help dog rescues all over the world. 

Looking back I have to pinch myself at how far we have come. We now have two amazing websites where any dog rescue, anywhere in the world, can both promote their charity and post their dogs for adoption.

We’re now working on a third website which is going to be THE MOST EXCITING as it’s specifically for children to get involved and let everyone know about all these inspirational little dog rescues all over the world. 

As a charity, we are run by volunteers, with extremely limited technical experience but we have 2 incredible professional websites which stand out from the crowd and have helped us help thousands of dogs find homes. 

We could never have achieved this without these 2 most important people in our lives who are not only gifted professionally but they care like we do about the sad lives of these poor dogs. Of course they also have rescue dogs and cats themselves! 

As a small charity we also have extremely limited funds but with the TLD Loyalty Club we have a monthly budget and in return it’s like we have our very own in-house design team that we can turn to at any time. 

I’m called the dreamer – I have all these ideas to try and help promote these poor dogs but have no idea how to communicate them. 

I call Tamlyn and throw all these wild ideas at her and she miraculously turns them into reality with constantly evolving web pages that are getting us noticed. 

Tamlyn is as passionate as me about helping the dogs get adopted and her designs are just awesome. We get so many lovely comments from our adopters who felt they could trust us just because of the website. 

Starlight Barking - Snowden - Lily

But the best bit is that Keren and Tamlyn have created 3 websites that are so user friendly and “Wendy-proof” that I can now manage to do all the updates myself, which if you knew me, is one major achievement. It’s so easy and if I do have a little blip Tamlyn is always there to quickly fix it. 

So if you’re a small business and hesitating about joining the Loyalty Club – don’t. It will be the best thing you ever did. 

If you’d like to hear more about our TLD experience then I’d be happy to chat to anyone. You can email me:

Finally, just a little plug for the dogs – last week, on one of the hottest days of the year, our postie and friends climbed Snowdon three times in one day, raising over £5,827 to help one of our saddest shelters on the island of Lemnos where the dogs are incarcerated 24/7 with no human contact. The fundraiser is still open and if anyone would like to support that would be just amazing. Thank you. 

Starlight Barking - Snowden - Adele

Our JustGiving page:

Keren and Tamlyn you are superstars and we could never, ever have got this far without you. Sending enormous love from all the doggies that you’ve helped so far and the many more still waiting for your magic to work for them too! xxx

Starlight Barking Ghost dog - Fatsas

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