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Tam in the hills (image created with Photoleap)

TLD climbing Snowdon for Starlight Barking

In July the team (Keren, Amy, Candice and Tamlyn) and will be singing “The Hills are Alive” as part of the Barking Mad Trek 2024.

This will be around 14 kilometers to support Starlight Barking, one of our favourite clients. We’ll be staying together in Betws-y-coed for 2 nights – the 2nd day will be all about recovery and exploring.

Gearing up to this, as well as marching around and up and down as much as possible to train, we’ll be raising money for the Starlight Barking Trust,  whose focus is rehoming stray dogs and responsible dog rescue.

This is where we need your help with sponsorship [LINKS TO THE JUST GIVING PAGE]

With your support and sponsorship, we will bring teamwork, creativity, and camaraderie with us.

From the peaks of Snowdon to the valleys of inspiration, the Top Left Design team is ready to conquer it all!

Why are we choosing Starlight Barking as the charity to trek for?

To begin with, we love Wendy Lyotier, our client and the person behind Starlight Barking. As part of our TLD Loyalty Club membership, we’ve collaborated closely with Wendy to create and maintain the Starlight Barking website. Our team has poured heart and creativity into this project, ensuring that the website reflects the organisation’s mission and resonates with potential adopters.

Along with being kind, appreciative of our work, and full of creative ideas, Wendy has built something really meaningful and gathered support from so many.

With her charity, Starlight Barking Trust, she advocates for responsible dog rescue. By providing support to shelters globally, they ensure that rescued dogs receive the care and attention they deserve.

In supporting Starlight Barking, we’re not just contributing to a cause; we’re part of a movement that uplifts lives, one shelter at a time.

6 reasons to support us

Global stray dog crisis: With an estimated 600 million stray dogs worldwide, the issue is both urgent and widespread. Starlight Barking recognises this crisis and is committed to addressing it head-on.

Promoting responsible dog rescue: Wendy Lyotier, along with the Starlight Barking Trust, advocates for responsible dog rescue. By providing support to shelters globally, they ensure that rescued dogs receive the care and attention they deserve.

Creating lasting change: Starlight Barking doesn’t settle for short-term solutions. Their focus is on creating sustainable impact. Through initiatives like setting up neutering and spaying clinics, they work towards reducing the population of stray dogs humanely.

TLD’s support: We know Wendy and she is full of love. So we want to go above and beyond to help her in her mission. With your support, we will be able to do more to help her tackle the crisis. With these efforts on fundraising, we’re making a direct difference to help these doggies!

Rehoming and refurbishing: Starlight Barking’s impact extends beyond numbers. They’ve successfully re-homed over 1000 (fact check this) dogs and helped refurbish the Lemnos Dog Shelter in Greece. Through their incredible support network, they’ve paved the way for better lives for abandoned dogs. The more we can do for the charity, the more they can do for shelters.

A beacon of hope: The Lemnos Dog Shelter, once a place of struggle, has transformed into a beacon of hope. With improved living conditions and socialisation opportunities, Starlight Barking has extended a “helping paw” to these dogs. When rehoming isn’t possible these shelters need to feel like home.

Please sponsor us to help us help Starlight Barking!

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