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Amy and Keren

When half of TLD went to South Africa

April was an unusual month. As you may know, we have a number of South Africans who work for Top Left Design – Tamlyn, Amy, and JP – and in addition, I used to live there and half my family is South African. Amy lives in Cape Town, and Tamlyn was getting married (to Jack, who is English) in South Africa.

Amy and I decided it would be a good idea for me to visit South Africa, and she and I would both go to Tamlyn’s wedding together!

Coworking in Cape Town

While staying in Cape Town, with Amy, we still had to work, of course. So we did some coworking in coffee shops (below are pictures from one of our favourites – Field Office – amazing space with wifi and great coffee!)

Field Office - coffee
Field Office in Cape Town
My uncle who lives in Cape Town came to visit us one of the times.
Field Office in Cape Town
We also went to the coworking space that Amy usually works at, which is a “proper” office. So we had that type of experience too!
Cape Town Office
We did some shopping and sightseeing (Amy showing me around) and went running by the beach one morning.
Cape Town Waterfront - when Amy and Keren visited
Seapoint View
We visited my aunt and uncle who live there!
Keren, Justin and Lisa and Sheba the dog
We went grocery shopping (I took a picture of creme soda flavoured trifle, but I didn’t buy any!)
Cream Soda pudding
We ate a pizza which was longer than it is wide. Yummy!
Amy and Keren and the long pizza
Camille and JP were in London and sent us this picture.
Camille and JP

Going to George for Tam’s wedding

And then we drove 5 hours to a place called George, to attend Tamlyn’s wonderful wedding!

We got dressed into our new dresses, which we bought specially for the wedding.
Keren in her dress
Amy in her dress
And off we went! Some pictures below:
Amy and the sign at Tam's wedding
And this is Amy with Naomi, who was an instrumental part of Tam and Jack’s marriage ceremony
Amy and Naomi
Confetti at Tam's wedding - in Keren and Amy's hands
And here is a picture of us with the beautiful bride, Tamlyn!
Keren, Tamlyn and Amy at Tamlyn's wedding
Tam and Jack

It was a great visit – I am so glad I went.

Getting to see where Amy lives and works, meet her cats, and spend time with her was amazing. Tamlyn’s wedding was beautiful.

And aside from the obvious great food and scenery, I really love the mentality and outlook of the people I interacted with while there. They have such a wonderful positive outlook on life, they say good morning with real feeling. So, since returning to London I have made a real effort to be more chirpy and friendly – even to strangers – and bring back some of the best of South Africa.

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