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Spotlight on Eaton House Group of Schools - we love them!

Spotlight on our client Eaton House Group of Schools - and why we love them!

From time to time we like to give a shout out to our wonderful clients. And one such client is Eaton House Group of Schools – our main contact there is Rupert Back and we have been working together for many many years now!

Eaton House is a family run group of schools, encompassing 6 (soon to be 7) schools under one name name.

What we do for Eaton House Schools

Since starting work with Eaton House we have created 2 new websites for them, as you can imagine, over 10 years of having a website things really need to change and evolve – and that’s what we did for them! We also moved them even further with the times and converted their site to a completely responsive version. We work on weekly updates for them keeping the fixtures and events lists up to date along with menus, calendars, newsletters, and adding new images to their galleries.

What Rupert had to say about us

“Top Left Design have worked with us for over ten years and in that time have rebuilt, redesigned and reengineered our website several times. They have always looked for and designed what is best for us and for our parent body. They have consistently shown us how to optimise the site performance and ensure it’s modernity.

Top Left have a very high standard of work and, of course, use some of the best and approachable people.
Above all their attention to detail and ability to help companies look for real value in their website is their strength.”

Why we love them

We love them because they love us. They are always happy and willing to listen to us and take our advise on what we recommend as best. They have always been patient with us as they know we’ll always get it done, and quickly. Rupert is always happy to meet us for a coffee or a lunch and just chat about the future and having that relationship with our clients is great!

And finally they understand that the saying isn’t always right.. if you love them, don’t let them go – when it comes to partnerships as great as these. We love you Eaton House – here’s to the next 10 years!

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