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Marketing to deepen clients relationships

7 marketing ideas to deepen business relationships

Most people say that the best source of business usually comes from existing clients.
Either referrals from clients or repeat business.
So, there is something to be said for focusing on this.
But it can feel awkward asking your clients for referrals. I know we are meant to do it, and “if you don’t ask you don’t get” and many people swear by it. Personally, I still find it hard. Being in the UK it’s maybe harder for us.
However, a proactive approach could generate amazing happenings and opportunities. If you have a client you really love (we have many) there are ways you could use your relationship to even further advantage.
Sure, you like each other. And you do business together. But why not work a little closer, and see where it takes you?
I am not saying jump in all guns blazing, but you can create a stronger flow of referrals and introductions – through the magic of marketing.
If you each have a strong network of people their could be amazing complementary options.

The basics of marketing – always important to remember

Whatever marketing initiatives you take on, be clear on what your key messages are, what you want people to believe. Make sure anything you plan on posting and publishing communicates these values.
And when it comes to co-marketing or cobranded campaigns, certain factors matter  – what you each do, how good your relationship is, what type of network you each have and how you can leverage that, your expertise, your key messages, your clients key messages.

7 ideas for marketing things you can do with your favourite client

In my experience, working with people you like doesn’t feel like work at all. You can see that in this post about me, Tamsin and Alicia in Ibiza, and this post about my trip to New York with Abbie to write our books  And trust me, doing these ideas will bring some new, interesting experiences for you both – you will learn more about each other, develop your marketing muscles, and raise awareness of your unique approach to business.

  1. You can be featured on each others website as strategic partners.
  2. You can interview your client for your blog, talking about their business and asking good questions
  3. You can do a video testimonial or an interview video
  4. You can write a relevant and useful blog post for their blog
  5. You could co-create an insight piece which would combine the type of knowledge/services his company provides, with the business advice you do. This could be offered via email marketing, in exchange for a response or sign up and also available on your websites
  6. You could do a video together where one of you interviews the other or you both discuss / debate a specific business issue that would be of interest to your audiences.
  7.  You could run an event together, where you each invite your respective clients and contacts


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