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Most common website problems to patch up

The most common website problems to patch up

We look at websites all day every day. Sometimes with a critical eye, sometimes with a creative eye.

While doing “Loom reviews” we’ve noticed there are many issues that are cropping up – people may or may not be aware of them – usually they aren’t – and many are surprisingly quick fixes. And while our service is personalised, and our work is bespoke, it helps that we’ve got experience with all of these common website problems.

Most typically they are:

  1. Security issues – that cause the website to be vulnerable to hacks and attacks
  2. Design issues – either because the site is based on a theme, or because many people have been updating it and as time goes by, they’re no noticing the layout, typography and spacing issues
  3. Code errors – harder to spot, but these can cause problems with page speed, SEO, and functionality
  4. Neglect – even those websites which havent got anything wrong can suffer from looking out of date because the last blog was published more than 2 months ago, or the Google Maps is broken because of something that’s changed on Google’s side – there are many examples of things that can go wrong.
  5. SEO – the site may be great, but no one knows about it, and the lack of traffic is in itself a hindrance on how search engines rank the site.

The Loom reviews are a quick way to point out some of these issues and a good start as we do them for free to those who ask nicely! Our full site audits are extremely comprehensive and include a written report.

We recommend that we do a sweep of changes, clear off the quick wins, then discuss what other updates and incremental improvements you can fit into your budget and schedule.

For each of the above, here’s what we can do:

  1. Security issues – SSL certificates can be installed quickly via your hosting providers, often it can be ordered within 10 minutes of logging in to your control panel. We have a full service upgrade where we do a site health check, backup the files, upgrade WordPress and all plugins, test everything is working fine, and perform virus scan and page speed checks. We check the server as well and provide a report of updates and fixes. This would be £150 as a one off or we include it as a bonus for the TLD Loyalty Club members.
  2. Design issues – Once we’ve identified the issues in layout, usability, contrast, spacing and typography, we mockup how the page would look with our suggested improvements, and once you’ve approved this, our coders build this into the site.
  3. Code errors – We have our coders look “under the hood” and suggest things that can be fixed – or quickly fix them if possible. Small things can be cleared off within an hour or 2.
  4. Neglect – We fix anything that has to do with a third party tool or service, and mentor or assist you in creating new words, images and content to bring your site up to date. Then we create a calendar for keeping this up to date going forward. If you want a quick update we can do this within 1-2 hours by updating the text on your site and adding a new blog post.
  5. SEO – Our SEO Starter Package includes setting up and Google Analytics, webmaster tools, Google my Business, Google Adwords, Bing Places & Bing Ads as well as SEO keyword research, a plan for link building, tagging and onsite text changes.

All these common problems are solvable, if you work with people who know what they’re doing! As Marie Forleo says, “everything is figureoutable”.  We’re very approachable and friendly, and we know the right questions to ask and the right buttons to push – with the goal of helping you out!

Even if you’re feeling too shy to speak to us, just fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch with some questions.

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