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Design for digital signage

How to create an exciting design for your digital signage

Digital signage is seen all around us, on the underground, in shops, museums, and at events, with installations showing video or multimedia content for ads or information.

It is a fast-growing marketing method, with many companies using it to advertise their products and services. There are numerous benefits to using digital signage, including customer engagement (things can change and move) and versatility (once the installation is there, you can change the designs and messages often).

Since investing in digital signage will cost you time and money, it is essential to make the most out of it. 

Your digital signage display should be outstanding to draw the attention of your viewers and help in information retention. You can employ LED lights of different colors and famous quotes to make your display noticeable. However, a fancy digital signage display with poor content or design won’t be as effective. Aside from coming up with something beautiful, be sure to consider what impact it will have on your target audience.

If you are a first-time digital signage user, this may seem overwhelming. These tips will help you get started with the creation of an exciting digital signage display.

Know your target audience

Understanding your target audience helps come up with a personalised call to action. Unlike other forms of advertisement, digital signage displays have a sharp focus on targeting and vary for each business based on its target audience. For example, digital signage displays targeting people between 40-50 years may not be catchy for teenagers or young adults. Knowing your target audience helps you come up with authentic information that meets the needs of your consumers. It gives them a feeling that a particular product or service is customised or tailored to meet their needs which is every customer’s dream. 

Let out your creativity

Digital signage design can be a perfect chance to let out your funny side. While most of your display should be informative to the public eye, there is no harm in throwing in some humor. Conversely, it is an effective method to retain information in the minds of your consumers. With so many options to include in your display, you can use trending memes, animations and your social media feeds to keep your customers engaged. However, it would be best to have a clear picture of what you want to present before getting into the design stage. Planning makes your display worth stopping at and not pass by.

Make use of white space

Covering each area of your display with text and images can be overwhelming to your audience. Too many wordings on display can be tedious and cause the viewers to walk away before reading the information. White space enhances the user interface and boosts the user experience on a page. Consider leaving some spaces empty for your audience to make it easy for them to scan your display and comprehend the message. Leaving space also applies to images and videos. White space between your layouts helps relax the eyes besides helping the users navigate through a page and prioritise the focus area. 

Implement a call to action

A call to action informs your target audience on what should be the next course of action. It could be telling people to visit your website or store at a particular location. It may also be giving them your social media handle and hashtags to use in the event of promotions or discounts.  Getting the public’s attention is one thing, and directing them to find the displayed product or service is another. The call to action message should be straightforward to avoid confusing the customer. Consider using verbs in your call to action as they stand out and have the power of conviction. Imperative verbs create a sense of urgency, which should be the case with any call to action. 

With proper planning, you can expect digital signage to facilitate a seamless customer experience with your business. Having experienced designers on your digital signage project should be a priority to help come up with a product that delivers real value to your target customers. Investing in digital signage displays will be one of the profitable investments for your business. 

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