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Candice joins the TLD Team

We welcome Candice to the TLD Team! She’s a long time friend of Amy’s and there she was, right under our noses!

Last year, a vacancy came up for the role Elisa was doing full time. Elisa was patient, and knew whoever joined TLD had to fit in with our culture and values. And then Amy suggested Candice who was ready for a career change!

It’s been 3 months now since Candice joined, and Elisa is working on just a few bits and bobs while Candice has been taking over many of the accounts and hosting management tasks.

Candice is no stranger to TLD – she’s one of Amy’s best friends and has even been to London, Rotterdam and Bulgaria to join us in our team building trips and activities.

Amy and Candice

In Candice’s own words

I am super excited to have started with the TLD Team. As you all have heard I have known the TLD Family for many years due to my friendship with Amy and have even been lucky enough to join in on adventurous team buildings and ventures such as the UDAYA LIVE Yoga & Music Retreat in Bulgaria.

Some of my favourite hobbies include running, Yoga (of course), spending time with my two kitties Max and Mika, as well travelling and enjoying all the wonderful, different foods the world has to offer!

Candice's kitties

What made me choose to work with the TLD Team was their enthusiastic, energetic and caring attitude (which happens to be some of their Core Values 😉).

How does it compare? There are several very big differences to my previous role as I was on the road a lot more and not very involved in the day-to-day interactions with the clients.

What I know I will bring to the company is definitely try up the already very energetic Team spirit and hopefully the clients as well.

Flexible: TLD fits into my working style as my family lives all over the world, so now I am able to travel and work remotely, enjoying my family and working lifestyle simultaneously.

Candice's kitties

Similarities: Some similarities TLD has to my previous role is dealing with the company’s accounts department regarding their invoices and payment options.

The biggest difference is definitely that my previous role was with a very large corporate company, which limited professional/personal friendships. TLD is like a whole new small family, which is fantastic.

One of the things that surprised me the most is once joining, how personal and caring each individual in the team is and everyone is genuinely interested in your own well being, as well as giving the best service and energy to our clients.

My hopes for my future with TLD are to be a part of this team for many years to come, to get to know the clients, their personal needs and expectations, and to learn as much as possible and broaden my horizons in the web design world!

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