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Useful things we do in the TLD Loyalty Club

3 surprisingly useful exercises we do with our Loyalty Club clients:

We created the Loyalty Club to get things done! Output, and implementation. No more lagging tasks!

Because, really, who has time for “strategy” huh? In our busy busy task-focused lives, it’s a challenge to make the time to stop and consider whether you’re focusing on the right things, sitting and “thinking strategy”.

Lately, even I have been guilty of neglecting this, but I had a task to do too – share more about how we help clients with the TLD Loyalty Clubs. For me, the easiest thing to do is speak from experience.

And surprisingly, when we ask our clients what they found most valuable, it wasn’t the amazing design or careful coding, but actually the times we got them to sit and consider the key elements of marketing.

Boiled down to such simplicity – we need to answer fundamental questions. And, you’ll see it HAS to be important:

  1. Who you’re marketing to (your market)
  2. What you’re saying to them (your message)
  3. Where and how often you will be communicating and how you will stick to that plan. (your medium)

Customer Avatars

Most recently we had our new client consider his “Customer Avatars” – creating somewhat pretend personas of his most typical customers. We identified 4 and gave them memorable names. We then proceeded to think about their problems, motivations, and what they need from Canape Box. 

This makes it much easier to write the words that really speak to these individuals – even though everyone has different personalities, the nature of their roles and the industries they are in and the lifestyles they lead – which our client Chris understands from having been in the business of canape creation 10 years and counting.

Core Values

Another exercise that DOES take time and thinking, but I can tell you from having done it a few years ago for our company Top Left Design, it’s been so useful for us. We identified our core values to be:

  • Teach and Learn
  • Efficient, Effective and Organised
  • Caring and Helpful
  • Enthusastic and Energetic

As long as we have people in our company who fit these values, we know we have a strong team that will deliver for our clients the quality projects which really take into account their business goals, the experience they want to have when working with an agency (fun, streamlined, and stress free), and how they want to work with us moving forward.  

While I am still scheduled to be working with our client Chris from Canape Box, I have already worked with him on his Key Messages – so having considered the multitude of available I have got a few in mind for him – including: adaptability, craftsmanship, excellence, flexibility, high performance, market leader, and reliability.

Key Messages

These are the things that are true about you, and those who have worked with you already know – if you were to stop and ask them, a lot of these things would come out. However many business owners don’t stop and properly work on these. I have been dividing them, “Simon Sinek Style” into a “start with why” order – and then really trying to stick within the 4 questions – How, Why, Who and What – the things you want to be known for, what differentiates you – the essence of your brand.

Examples are good – so here’s what we have done for Canape Box!

Implementation time

Ok, all this “navel gazing” is well and good – but it’s time to take action, and bring some of these to market. For Chris we have several things cooking – including:

  • A newsletter to go out to his mailing list
  • A flyer that’s aimed at each of his customer avatars, for when he sends his taster boxes
  • A blog article about his journey so far
  • Social media posts showing insights like the top 5 most popular canapes and sped up videos showing the craftsmanship of his “canape alchemists”
  • SEO improvements and design improvements on his website (which we didn’t create but we are advising on)

And once these are out the door – we’ll have a rhythm of social media posts, newsletters, blogs, campaigns and offers that can be adapted to suit each of his customer avatar personas, reinforcing his key messages, and in line with the values he has for Canape Box.

We’ll share our progress when we have created these elements!

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