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Feel secure with your website: 7 elements to include for that warm and safe feeling.

A secure website is a warm and safe feeling

We’ve collected for you in this one place, 7 elements needed for a secure website.

But let’s start with the human factor.

In a new relationship there can be all sorts of “crazy” feelings – did they text you back soon enough? Are they still thinking about their ex? Who else are they dating? Are they thinking long-term? Can you really give them your heart?

Well, compared to that turmoil, we can at least recommend what to do when you have a new website! Like with a new relationship, a new website launch can be exciting and nerve-wracking. While you’re first planning it, then when you’re putting it together, and lastly when you’ve launched.

Sure, you may still worry about things (will my website be hacked? Will it feel trustworthy? Will it provide a warm and safe feeling to your visitors?) – you can take action! It feels much better than that crazy uncontrollable new love worries.

Here are 7 elements to include on your website to make it secure, trustworthy, and provide a warm and safe feeling to your visitors. Some of them seem so obvious – it just goes to show, having a secure website can be quite simple!

Keep your WordPress software up-to-date

Regular updates ensure that your site is protected against the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.

Use a strong password

A strong password is essential for protecting your site from unauthorised access. Use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to make it as strong as possible.

Install a security plugin

A security plugin like Wordfence or iThemes Security can help to protect your site from malicious attacks, including hacking attempts, malware, and spam.

Use a secure website hosting provider

Your hosting provider is responsible for the physical security of your site, so make sure to choose a reputable and secure provider.

Show your track record

Displaying customer testimonials and case studies on your site can help to build trust and credibility with your visitors.

Make your site human

Personalize your site with images, videos, and other content that showcase your personality and brand values. This will help to build a connection with your visitors and make your site feel more human.

Invest in an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is a security measure that encrypts data transmitted between your site and your visitors’ browsers, helping to protect sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers.

In a relationship – well – there’s another person involved with their own baggage and issues! But with a website – there is lots you can do – and dare I say it – you can take control and remove the stress and heartache. You can put that emotion aside, and take action, for a more secure, trustworthy, and human website – a relationship that will blossom and grow! This will help to build a connection with your visitors, keep their data safe, and create a warm and safe feeling for everyone who visits your site.

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