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Top Left Design - 2022 - WordPress website launches

2022 WordPress websites launched:

We launched quite a few websites in 2022.

At Top Left Design, we have a very particular specialty: Bespoke designed WordPress websites. They are luxury, unique, and high-end! No matter what, we have the same approach – to make sure we launch websites our clients are proud of that communicate their personality and ethos, and we support our clients every step of the way. 

Below is a roundup of the websites we’ve launched in 2022, some featured in our last newsletter

The Flying Colour Company - bespoke designed WordPress website from Top Left Design

The Flying Colour Company

The Flying Colour Company provides high-end VFX and post-production services to high-end broadcast drama productions and feature films – notably, Peaky Blinders and Killing Eve – but check out the beautiful “Our Work” section for more, along with the home page animation! Keren actually managed to record a rare Instagram reel showing the animation work on this site. ⁠

Joseph Jebelli - bespoke designed WordPress website from Top Left Design

Joseph Jebelli

Our client Joseph Jebelli is a neuroscientist and published author. He wanted a website so he could feature his books and build his brand. He’s written and published 2 books, and creating his website was a fantastic process! More detail is available on our Instagram post about the project.

Tandem Property Asset Management - Bespoke Designed WordPress website by Top Left Design

Tandem Property

A slightly larger site for a very successful independent specialist property business: Tandem Property Asset Management, recommended to us by our good friend Mitesh! We worked closely with them to create a standout, eye-catching design with an updated colour scheme, cool wiggly icons, and a complete team page featuring 69 people!

Alvine Capital bespoke designed WordPress website, by Top Left Design

Alvine Capital

The third in a series of investment management websites and our latest launch! It features a cool expandable Partners area with impressive numbers, which is fully updateable by the Alvine team! And a lovely team page where they have a beautiful array of smart people who know how to manage money.

Influential Leader Breakthrough Event landing page - for the Conflict Resolution Centre

The Conflict Resolution Centre – Event landing page

We’ve known Louisa for years and recently began to work with her on a landing page for her new leadership communication course (among other projects in the mix). Louisa is really experienced, knowledgeable and highly professional, she knows how to solve tricky people issues – even those that feel the most hopeless!

Bell and Spoke

Bell and Spoke bespoke designed WordPress website

Our client Austin Bell (who is definitely into cycling) – his business is a project management consultancy, working in built environment, sustainability, bidding, and cycling projects  – we helped with naming the business and Tam designed the logo and new website. Coding (HTML/WordPress) by Aurimas.

Atlas Translations

Atlas Translations

This is one of the biggest sites we’ve done in terms of the number of pages. We are so inspired by Atlas as a company and in particular, Charlie and Clare who we worked with closely – for their attention to detail, efficiency, and ideas.

Our favourite parts of the site are the people and pets’ area, the sectors and services sections, the extensive resources, impressive accreditations, icons that animate on rollover, the specially designed forms, and the expandable text areas.


Esperante bespoke designed WordPress website

Esperante is a venture capital firm – that manages a portfolio of companies in the biotech/science pharmaceutical fields. Once Keren met up with Dean in Mortimer House before the lockdown we decided the scope of the project and that a new logo would be a part of it. The brief was to make sure this was a hub to hold what is current and true about their business – in a clear, professional, and organised way. Features we love are the team slider, the portfolio logo rollover links, the clear parameters of how they invest, and the quick and easy links to their 3 locations.


Plurimi - bespoke designed WordPress website

Plurimi got in touch with us after seeing a website from another client of ours in the same industry. Our favourite things are the animated diagram which they asked for specifically to show the way Plurimi works with clients. Tam designed this and Aurimas created the code so it animates. We also love the cool little icons throughout their site, and the animated text on the homepage.

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