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A Loyalty Club client sold his business – what happened next? (behind the scenes)

A Loyalty Club client sold his business – what happened next? (behind the scenes)

In the dynamic world of financial services, relationships often evolve, leading to exciting opportunities.

Our journey with Loch Fyne Financial, a long-standing client and member of our Loyalty Club, is a great example.

Douglas, the visionary owner of Loch Fyne Financial, made a strategic decision: he sold his business to the larger financial advisory entity, Acumen Financial Planning.

The transition was more than a mere business transaction; it was a meeting of minds, a fusion of expertise.

As we engaged with Acumen, our previous work for Loch Fyne Financial caught their attention. The impressive results we had achieved spoke volumes.

And so, the seeds of collaboration were sown!

Fast forward to last year: conversations flowed, ideas ignited, and Acumen recognised the value we could bring to their digital landscape. With the ink still fresh on the acquisition papers, we embarked on a new chapter.

They stayed on the TLD Loyalty Club elevated Acumen to a whole new level.

Our mission? To manage not just one, but all of Acumen’s websites. Audits were conducted across the board, but our current focus is centered on two key sites:

Acumen Financial Planning main website The hub of financial insights, tailored advice, and strategic planning.

Acumen Employee Benefits A dedicated space for empowering employers with essential benefits information.

The result of these audits and discussions is an ever evolving project list managing on a shared Google sheet, and we thought it would be nice to share here, so you can get a sneak peak.

Below is our list of 53 tasks and initiatives we’re working on for Acumen now, only 2 months in.

Design and Aesthetics:

  • Redesigning and enhancing the visual appeal of Acumen’s web presence.
  • Crafting engaging layouts, breaking down home pages into panels, and suggesting mock-ups for News & Events sections.
  • Reorganising how their team page popups are formatted.
  • Designing LinkedIn banners.
  • Reviewing Communities/Charity pages and Careers page.

Technical: Security and Coding:

  • Conducting security checks and speed tests for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Upgrading WordPress and plugins to ensure optimal performance.
  • Migrating videos from Vimeo to YouTube for better accessibility.
  • Creating new buttons for video pages.

Project Management and Coordination:

  • Liaising with Jill regarding timing and 2FA setup for Tom.
  • Scheduling Calendly meetings and ensuring seamless access.
  • Setting up a customised Case Studies cheat sheet.
  • Optimising “gated” form requests
  • Planning the first Content Marketing workshop.
  • Managing tasks related to content:
  • Rewriting services blurbs.
  • Assessing SEO opportunities with our SEO expert Tom.
  • Addressing small aesthetic edits.
  • Handling contact form improvements.

Client Communication and Strategy:

  • Providing recommendations for form subject lines.
  • Exploring pension calculator plugins.
  • Identifying high-ranking keywords for search engines.
  • Hosting discussions with our hosting partners about the possibility of a dedicated server.

As you can see, we’ve already been doing so much, building on their existing success. It’s such an exciting collaboration and we love working with the team at Acumen.

In order for a large firm to be acquiring other smaller firms, it shows they have reached a level of success. And this is clear when we work with them.

Our collaboration with Acumen is more than a project—it’s a partnership. Together, we’re shaping Acumen’s digital presence, ensuring it reflects their commitment to excellence and client-centric solutions.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the specifics of our work, unravelling the threads that bind Loch Fyne Financial’s legacy to Acumen’s promising future.

Hope this has been a great sneak peek for you, highlighting the diverse skills and expertise involved in delivering exceptional results with members of the TLD Loyalty Club.  

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