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Ensure your business is secury - from physical and cyber threats

Threatened by threats? Simple strategies to feel secure in business

Ever done a SWAT? The T stands for “threats”.

And at TLD, we’re all about marketing – good marketing takes away many of the threats to your brand: Being forgotten, being ignored, being compared unfavourably! But that’s the fun marketing part.

There are other (more obvious) threats to business. Things you don’t want to think of. Cyber threats, data breaches, and corporate espionage.

So, what do we do? Ugh, not another thing, right?

Do we have to study about firewalls and encryption protocols? Train all our staff not to open the door to strangers?

Let’s take a hard look.

In business, many factors influence the success of an organisation.

In this blog post, written with help from experts in our network (names available on request, we need to be careful of security breaches).

We’ll share tips and links and explore the nuances of business security, uncovering its challenges and the delicate balance between safeguarding assets and fostering growth.

On a basic level, security includes

  • physical premises and assets
  • digital assets held online

Simple, if you think of it this way!

Companies must take all reasonable steps to ensure that both digital and physical assets are protected from the acts of criminals. This article will discuss the subject of strengthening business security in your firm. Some key tips and strategies will be explored that serve to improve security across your business.

Improve online security

In an age where most businesses use some form of cloud-based IT systems, it is vitally important to protect these online assets. For example, millions of businesses today rely on cloud services to run their operations and support an increasingly remote workforce. Typically, a business will have a wide range of online applications, platforms, and pieces of code. These communicate together by the use of application programming interfaces (APIs). However, it is important to understand that unsecured APIs can present a weak point in the online IT architecture, allowing easy access for cybercriminals to infiltrate online systems and cause damage.

Thankfully, businesses can now invest in API gateway security solutions.

Such systems allow IT professionals to set security protocols for traffic between the different online programs and to effectively monitor access requests and traffic volumes.

Unusual and potentially malicious activity can quickly be highlighted, and action can be taken to investigate the potential threat. In short, API gateway security allows firms to strengthen their online system security and reduce the risk of data breaches and other acts of cybercrime.

Physical premises

Do you work from your own office space?

If so, this part is for you.

All corporate premises should have sufficient levels of physical security.

These should deter potential intruders from attempting to gain unauthorised access to the premises.

Managers should thoroughly inspect the premises, noting where additional security measures need to be in place.

  • For example, if your corporate premises have an on-site car park, it is important to consider putting a barrier on the entrance and exit points. These can be automatically controlled (e.g., by staff using a company swipe card to lift the barrier) or can be manned by security personnel. In addition, it is important to consider the perimeter areas of the property.
  • Ideally, perimeter fencing should be installed to provide a visual deterrent for would-be criminals and make accessing the site more difficult. Consider adding CCTV cameras to monitor both outdoor and indoor locations. All entry points to the property should require the use of a key card or a security code that can be entered on a digital keypad. Finally, staff should be educated on certain techniques that are used by criminals to gain entry, such as tailgating, which relies on social engineering.

In conclusion, safeguarding your business involves a two-pronged approach: bolstering online security and fortifying physical premises. By securing APIs and diligently assessing your IT architecture, you can thwart cyber threats.

Good physical security—like controlled access points and vigilant perimeter monitoring—ensures that your corporate premises remain protected from unwelcome visitors!

Just make sure your strategy encompasses both the virtual and the tangible and you’ll feel much more confident that you’re shielding your business from potential harm.

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