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Workshop on Websites along with all the feedback I got

Workshop on Websites along with all the feedback I got

I did a 45 minute seminar/workshop on websites and we got great feedback, which is worth sharing. See below!
I thoroughly enjoyed Keren’s “9 Deadly Website Sins” presentation. Clear, professional, entertaining and to the point, demonstrating the key problems that take away from a website’s effectiveness. All done without resorting to “dumbing down” techniques for the less technically minded.
Keren from Top Left Design is Top Class!
Denis Cahill – Director
Scorpius Solutions Ltd

I recently attended a seminar that Keren gave at an NRG networking meeting. The theme, “9 deadly sins of website design”, was enough to draw me in!
Keren delivered her presentation to a mixed audience, ranging from technophobes to web designers; it is my opinion that she held all present equally enthralled by the clear and informative content of her talk and by her honest approach to sharing her companies guidelines to impactful web sites. If you have the opportunity to attend one of her seminars…
…grab the chance, you will not be disappointed!
Mark Keatley-Palmer
Director – Sycamore Design

“Great presentation Keren! Very informative, useful and understandable. I took a lot of notes! I am very impressed with all your work and the numerous websites which you showed. I’m so impressed with you that I will be putting my web design business your way! I will also confidently refer friends and clients to you. Now that’s the BIGGEST commendation I can give you! I trust you. I think everyone else in the room feels the same way now too. You converted the audience into raving fans! And your Net Promoter Score must have jumped through the roof!”
Very Happy Phil,

“…How refreshing it was to attend a seminar with a potentially technical and complex subject matter, and to be presented with a straightforward user friendly approach which even the worst technophobe could have understood. Highly informative and effortlessly delivered…”
Thomas Gilder

‘Keren’s presentation is a very interesting and informative insight into how to create a useful website, Keren uses lots of examples to demonstrate how a good site should work and it is clear she has a lot of experience with a flair for high quality design’
Peter Cordery

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