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Success vs Lessons

Mistakes = Lessons – what I achieved and learned in the last 12 months

Rather than label my failures as failures, I wanted to review my last 12 months/and even Q4 2021 using the reframed word “lessons” – feels much nicer!

By the way, the photos on this post are taken by Gina Main while I was in Los Angeles!

To really embed these, I created an image for each “lesson” and balanced this out with some “successes” so I overall feel successful and not like a failure – ha!

I call this method “Content Marketing Self Therapy” and I hope seeing this laid out in this way does one of three things:

  1. Sparks a feeling of “misery loves company” / “we’re all in this together” or “wow I can’t believe Keren is admitting this, I thought she was perfect”
  2. Inspires you to reframe things as lessons yourself, so you no longer beat yourself up about anything – ever – because who needs that, on top of all the rest!

There is the school of thought – if you are still here at the end of 2021 then you’re doing well. To me, that labels the WHOLE YEAR as terrible and in my mind a full 12 months can’t be all bad, and for all of us, there will be lots of good memories and feelings, if you think about it.


We tried outsourced sales company, and it didn’t work (yet)

Outsourced sales was a lossmaker so far

I signed up with outsourced sales in the hope of recouping my investment, and I didn’t. We had a few meetings, and there are some “maybes” but the system that was used didn’t create the interest we would have hoped for. I have never considered myself a proper salesperson, but the lead generation created by my relationships definitely sticks better than the cold approach.


New clients decided to work with us via email, attachments and Zoom

New clients came onboard even when we didn't meet them in real life!
New clients came onboard even when we didn’t meet them in real life!

We in Q4 we signed on 2 new bespoke WordPress website projects – one with a client we hadn’t worked with for over 10 years and another with a company who liked the website we made for another client and got in touch that way. We consider these being “ideal clients” for us due to their communication skills, discerning taste, genuine interest in these projects, and commitment to providing us with information and decisions. Both clients took their time to understand what we are offering. Both projects are in the 2nd stage – they’ve begun in earnest, viewed designs that exceeded their expectations, and have written glowing emails which make us feel good.


Pulling together when we needed it, showing support for each other

The team supported each other whenever it was needed.

Due to personal reasons and COVID, we had to take some days out. Despite this, the team communicated well, we helped each other out, shared necessary information and this way fulfilled all our client deadlines without any impact on quality. I love that we’re like this, there’s no work politics or trying to one up each other. Rather, we lift each other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way at TLD.


The workshops continue from afar

The workshops continued even remotely

 I ran several LinkedIn profile update sessions and content marketing sessions – even did one during the “Betwixtmess” period. I have a content marketing workshop scheduled for a London client coming up. All this done while being outside of the UK – few people know this but I haven’t been there for more than a year. Instead I’ve been in Bulgaria and Israel, and for the last month and a half, Los Angeles

Success / Lesson?

A new way in for clients who’ve been waiting for a way to work with us

We have a new way to offer sites for clients who may not have the deeper pockets

I signed up to be a partner for Wix, which has been working on their product to the extent that we can deliver websites of uniqueness and quality as long as we apply the same project management and customisation skills. I have to onboard 5 clients onto this within the first couple of months, so justify the cost to the business, but I am hoping there will be clients who’ve been waiting for a TLD site that can be done with a much lower price tag. Wix says their sites take half the time to build but we’re thinking it’s less than half as we are super caring in every aspect – design, briefing, customising, project management, supporting, cajoling and nudging. 

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  1. Anne Dowling

    Keren – this is wonderful. As two budding entrepreneurs who started their business together I feel we have shared this journey together.
    Outsourced sales is an interesting ‘lesson’ and one I have also recently embarked upon. We are in the early days however you have been very humble in your approach to learning and that makes it easier for all of us to acknowledge the good and the bit so good bits of the pie.
    Lots of positiveness here and I love working with you and your team. It’s always a pleasure, challenging and a learning experience.
    I may well take up one of your spots for a lower budget website as I’m developing an idea for my photography love. Will it become a business?? Who knows .. what magic can the TLD team work.
    Gina has made some wonderful moments and really captures the essence of you and the subject matter.

    Happy New 12 months!