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Here's why you aren't coming to my workshops

Why you are not planning to come to my workshops

Hello! As part of my role here as the founder and CEO at TLD, over the years, I’ve run many workshops on social media (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn), blogging, and content marketing (which encompasses blogging and social media). These workshops are “small group workshops” and usually we have 3-5 attendees, so I can really tailor the speed and content accordingly, and give individual advice! They’re great and I enjoy them too. I have to, however, acknowledge that  not everyone can come.
Here are 8 possible reasons why you won’t be coming!

Reason 1: You’ve already been before and it was great

If you’ve been before, send me a tweet and tell me you read this blog post! I imagine that you got lots out of it and have made great changes and improvements on your social media behaviour as a result. You know how superheroes have a lot in common with marketing!

If you do have questions and want to see if you’re doing it right, I have an open door policy. Often, I turn the answers into blog posts for others to read (without needing to reveal your identity!).

The guilt factor:

Sometimes people have already been before, and feel guilty a few weeks after they do workshops with me. Not because I am nagging them (unless agreed that they want me to!) but because they left all fired up with good intentions, and got back to their desks and their mountain of “things to do” – so it all got left behind.
Practicing and implementing soon after training helps things to sink in and become habit, but even I have even been one of those people who have gone to training or a workshop or a seminar, came back full of big plans, and it’s now a big elephant in the room.

Reason 2: You know this already

If you’re already doing the basics of social media and beyond, it feels like your marketing activity is running like clockwork, and you are measuring the results and tweaking regularly. If so, send me a tweet saying “@topleftdesign, hello, I am one of those “Reason 2” people!”

Reason 3: You don’t want to learn to do it yourself, because you’re too busy to do marketing (and so is your team)

Every business (even the most successful) needs marketing. Marketing includes all the different touchpoints your audience has with your business – your website, email newsletter, social media, and online content. It’s worth having someone in your team having the awareness of what should be done, to avoid embarrassment, raise awareness, save time, or keep your name out there. Once you know, you can delegate, outsource, or even – do the bare minimum (there are bare minimums that fit into just 1-4 hours of work, such as updating your LinkedIn profile, or creating a holding page!)

Reason 4: You don’t have time to come to Soho

Totally understandable. I myself have scheduling conflicts. Here’s what I am happy to do for you: If these 4 dates or our location don’t suit you, please get in touch and we can arrange something that does. My workshop attendees learn so many ways to save time and make their actual marketing efforts more effective, they get a fantastic return on the time spent!

Reason 5: You want to learn about something else

I cover a wide range of topics in my workshops (marketing related that is, not mechanics or sewing or poker!), and while there is a definitive list on the invitation page, the interactive factor of the workshops I do means we sometimes, if needed, go on little “responsible tangents” – where I can show examples and give advice for one of the people in the room!
The small group format means we have not to this date had anyone feel this was un-useful and in fact, everyone learns from each other’s questions!
So if you want to talk about challenges you’ve faced, objections you’ve dealt with, confusions about who you’re actually marketing to, which social media dashboard is best, or whether you should use Instagram – we can on the day!

Reason 6: It’s not your job to do marketing

You may not work somewhere where your responsibility is to do any sort of marketing. I still think everyone should know basic stuff about online marketing, since I love marketing so much and see the value it brings day in, day out!
But in the interest of me giving you value, check out this post I wrote about personal branding. You can also send the details of the workshops to someone in your company who does need to know about social media and blogging and all of that stuff! Let me know if you have done that, so I can know you were the wonderful catalyst for this connection!

Reason 7: You didn’t know about them, or you did but timing never worked out

That’s ok, there are new dates when you can come along. So click this link and choose a date that suits you.

Reason 8: You suck at social media but you don’t realise

I had to add this in, though of course I don’t want to make you feel offended or mad at me! There have been cases, I am not going to lie, where people are doing it ALL WRONG and really, you’d think they would know better! If given the chance, I can point it all out to them and show them better ways, and I do it with kindness and understanding!
If you were at all confused about what’s been stopping you, reading the above 8 reasons should have cleared things up. You may also want to tell me some other reasons – and I may update this post (although I do love the number 8!)! I hope we speak soon, one way or another! Email me at or call me on 020 7036 0560 with your comments/questions.

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