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The Pickle Syndrome

The Pickle Syndrome

As all our readers know, At Top Left Design we provide top quality affordable websites – and we wanted to draw your attention to a specific phenomenon which affects website users and websites owners.

People who visit websites are a mixture of FICKLE and PICKY.

They are fickle in that they will quickly scan information, flitting from page to page and quickly absorbing only selective information.

They are picky in that they can see something like out of date information, a squished image, a layout that doesn’t appeal and isn’t relevant, inconsistancies, missing or confusing information – and they completely lose trust in the business/organisation which owns that site.

We call this the Pickle Syndrome.

This is why the care, design talent and attention to detail that we at Top Left Design provide for our clients is so VITAL to a company’s success through their website!

To continue along those lines, Nick Sera-Leyva (who is working with us here at Top Left Design for a few months) had this to point out:
Pickles are fresh, green cucumbers that have been withered and salinated by a vinegary brine.

Similarly, websites overcome by Pickle Syndrome are websites that have become withered and salinated by the brine of bad design.

Good design = freshly picked, spritely, crispy green cucumber.

Bad design = emaciated, lumpy, sickly green pickle
We hope you all agree – comments welcome!

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