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Doodle blog header

Today we uploaded our new header to our Improve Your Presence Online Blog.
As you can see it’s based on a doodle design. It sparked off a conversation at our staff meeting. I said doodle but I was eating corn on the cob at the time. So, Anine thought I said “noodle”. I said “doodle” and she said “noodle?” and I said “doodle”. Then Amy said – “doodle”!
Then we talked about how people doodle when they want to be doing something else.
Then Amy reminisced how at school they would stick noodles onto paper for collage art.
It was a “noodle doodle”.
Anine then pointed out the “nowadays you can Google a noodle doodle!”
In any case – we would love your opinion on the doodle theme – should we create oodles of doodles?

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  1. Keizer Wilhelm

    How can you improve your presence online by doodling about noodles? Or was that noodling about doodles? I’m burning my noodle by trying to figure out this doodle…
    Any way love it – It’s a doodalicious conundrum of a noodle-doodle-idea!
    Keep it coming!

  2. Monique Smith

    I once created oodles of doodles with noodles then painted them and it looked really cool, i then attempted to eat the noodles as they looked oodaliciouse and my tongue turned blues…. Sorry what is the question again?
    I think doodles are an amazing insight to how and what people are thinking…. as well as how one expresses ones self…
    Doodles Interpretation:
    Triangles, squares , geometrical shapes: geometrical shapes may indicate that the person has got a rational and logical way of thinking, this person may also be a good planner. Drawing a triangle sometimes signifies the internal desire of going up or advancing in your career or social life.
    Arrows, ladders Arrows and ladders may indicate that the person is ambitious, obsessed about some goals and looking forward to some achievements.
    Doodling Good Looking Faces: Good looking faces may indicate that the person is social, people loving and optimistic.
    Doodling Funny faces: Funny faces may indicate that the person is having a good sense of humour
    Doodling Ugly Faces ugly faces may indicate that the person is not a social person, lacking self confidence, sceptic, bad tempered or aggressive.
    Doodling Stars: Stars may indicate optimism and hopefulness.
    Doodling Houses: May indicate that the person is missing his home, wanting a family, or is wanting to settle.
    Doodling Flowers and plants May indicate that the person is sensitive, warm and kind
    Doodling hearts : Means that the person is suffering from socio-anti-complex-bio-disorder , well, just kidding Smiling simply he is in love or in need of a relation Smiling
    Doodling 3D shapes: Indicates the ability to see the full picture and all aspects of an issue or at least the desire to do so
    Doodling underlined names: underlining a name with one or two lines may indicate that this person is important (whose name is underlined)
    Doodling Food: May indicate real hunger or emotional hunger
    Doodling AnimalsMay Indicate love for animals or sensitivity
    Doodling cars, plans, trains:may indicate a desire for travelling ,freedom or the need for a holiday
    Doodling Weapons guns, pistols and swords may indicate competitiveness and presence of a warrior spirit
    Here is a we page i found were you can find out all about doodles, its really very interesting!
    Hope you all have a supa dupa noodle doodle day
    Monique 🙂