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Video: when is the right time to graduate from the theme to a bespoke designed WordPress website

When is it the right time for you to upgrade from a theme/template website to a bespoke website?

It depends on many factors – most notably how you honestly feel about your website. Deciding to invest in a bespoke website is a big decision, and usually, in the early stages of your business,  you could get away with a simple template website – as long as you have a good eye for design, good attention to detail and can write correctly and concisely.
One of our 3 unique promises is “supporting you in the process” which means, when embarking on big changes we are there to help with the messages, design, structure and explaining anything that’s technical – and we train you on how to keep things up to date.
As your company begins to grow and flourish, there will be changes you will want to make to the website to reflect how your business is evolving. This is when things can become a bit complicated with templates and sometimes they can even stop working. Templates have limitations in the way pages are structured, in the type of page layouts available, and when you have specific criteria for how you want your information to be experienced.
In this video, Keren breaks down the 3 signs which tell you it’s time to upgrade.

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