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TLD Superstar Clients

Hall of fame: meet some of Top Left Design’s "superstar clients"

At TLD, we pride ourselves in helping our clients get their marketing strategies and online presence up to scratch. We don’t like to pick favourites, but last year, some of our clients really shone, so we’ve put together some of our superstar clients who have come on leaps and bounds since we started working with them, in the hope they inspire you to do the same!


Our wonderful client Snowbizz
Snowbizz is a family ski holiday specialist who have been operating tours, ski schools and childcare in the Puy St. Vincent resort in France for over 30 years. We began working with Snowbizz in 2013, when its founder, Wendy Lyotier contacted us to help Snowbizz amplify their growth.
Business was good for Snowbizz, but they found the ban on holidays outside of term time and the shift to online holiday bookings were giving them new challenges in the market.
Wendy says, “The team at Top Left Design were fundamental in turning this into a reality. We began by working with them on our blog, newsletter and social media content creation; this was of immediate benefit as it teased out our core values and unique selling points to the fore of all our messaging. A year later, we launched a completely new website designed by Top Left Design, which has doubled the number of hits we receive, and increased turnover by 16 per cent in its first year live.”
Snowbizz are a member of our loyalty club which means they can get support from us when they need it. We consider ourselves an extension of the Snowbizz team and are so proud of how far they have come!

Skills Farm

The Skills Farm are a specialist provider of skills training courses in leadership, sales and customer service. The founders, Jamie and Scott Summers, struggled to find time to generate new website and marketing content. So in 2016, TLD launched a new website design for the business and provided some marketing training for the team. They wanted to amplify their message and provide a clear and concise platform for inbound enquiries.
We helped The Skills farm to turn their thinking into something their audience would respond to. After their new website launched in November 2016, their first inbound enquiry turned into a significant business opportunity.
Jamie Summers, Co-founder, The Skills Farm, said: “The team at Top Left Design are always at the end of the phone if we need them. The social media coaching we received has helped increase our followers and we are getting our content seen by the right people. The website revamp has been fundamental in getting us new business and Top Left Design has been instrumental in helping us achieve this.”
The Skills Farm look after all their social media channels and have really grown their social media presence since working with us. Top marks!


Udaya Live website
Last year, we helped Udaya launch a brand new website for their Yoga festival. The festival began in 2016 and their original website experienced a few issues when customers were trying to buy tickets. The team at TLD created a intuitive, on-brand, responsive website and also led a marketing workshop with the team to ensure they were making the most of their marketing resources.
We’re really proud of how far they’ve come and we’re currently redesigning their main site so every aspect of their online presence is on-brand.
Do you want to join our TLD hall of fame? We can help you with your marketing and website, so get in touch!

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