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Benefits of hosting with Top Left Design

What's great about hosting with us?

A little known fact! We host around 150 websites and have our own server! I know, impressive.

A potential client asked us to outline the differentiators between us vs other hosting companies for this particular secret service, and we decided to write it up properly, and then publish it!

We don’t consider ourselves a hosting company but have hosting partners we’ve worked with for 15 years. Generally, we host the websites we design and build. It makes it easier when we are launching the site to have good knowledge of the server environment. It also helps with ongoing maintenance and security upgrades.

What’s great about TLD Hosting – a list!

You can talk to us: Many big hosting companies have a help desk but they are people who don’t know you, anything about your site, or your history.

We price for service as well as space: When people experience any issues with their sites, they can get in touch with us. Backed by our expert hosting partners, we can help with most issues.

Hosting is one part of the puzzle. Our team can make changes on your website to make it run faster, to bring more traffic to it, to help conversions, to hone the message, and to appeal to the right audiences. By having us take care of your hosting, any changes that are needed can be done by our team.

If we built your site or if we maintain it, we can host it and it allows easier access and quicker changes when you need it.

We only host clients who we’ve done projects for, so we have far fewer clients to manage

Our hosting partners are hosting experts of 22 years with 4 team members, fully skilled in server and website security.

 Our hosting partner keeps your website online with a guaranteed 99.95% network uptime, with daily backups up to 30 days.

Want to know more?

We have a wonderful PDF with our Ts and Cs, but also, we have other PDFs about what it takes to make a website destined to be taken care of by us on by our wonderful team! Get in touch to ask all the questions you’d like!

For example, our celebrity dentist client Dr Richard hosts all 3 of his websites with us – which is convenient and efficient, makes it easy for us to make changes, and gives him peace of mind.

Emergency London Dentist, Harley Street Veneers and Dr Richard Harley Street Dentist.

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