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WordPress: have you upgraded to the latest version?

WordPress upgrades: Here’s why you need to do it – and how we can help!

WordPress is constantly evolving and changing due to the work of thousands of developers from all around the world. And as it does a new release every 152 days, (each after a jazz musician.)

WordPress has just released a new update – version 6.2 If your blog is still running on version 6.2 or lower you miss out on new features – the people there are always improving their software.

Websites need to be serviced regularly, and if you use WordPress, great, it’s our CMS and blogging platform of choice and we love it!

In addition, keeping your version updated often means your site runs faster and performs better, a very important factor both for your SEO and for your website visitors.

Even more importantly, if you don’t update your version to the latest, you won’t get those all-important bug fixes and security protection.

Because security updates are so important we recommend you take the time to update to the latest version. You can get email notifications and even have the automatic updates feature turned on. However, this does come with a small risk that things may break.

So, we at Top Left Design go several steps beyond, with our WordPress upgrade service!

Here’s what we do with WordPress upgrade:

  • Backup all your files for safekeeping
  • Update WordPress core and website theme
  • Post-update website testing
  • Backup your database (where all your blog posts are stored)
  • Update all your plugins and remove any you don’t need
  • Update your WordPress version
  • General housekeeping on your server
  • Install a spam filter if you don’t already have one. (see for related costs)

Interested? Simply email and we can take it from there!

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