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How to write website content that relates to your audience

How to write website content that relates to your audience

It’s common practice for a business to have a website.

It’s often seen as the ultimate sales person that works 24/7. However, the effectiveness of the website depends on certain factors – design is one of course (user journey, user experience, user interface)

One of these is the quality of the website content. How it “speaks” to your audience. Makes sense right? You wouldn’t want to purchase goods from a site that’s littered with grammatical mistakes. But more than that, you want the people reading the text on your site to feel this is for them, that your business understands them!

Here are some good starting tips for creating bespoke website content that generates sales.

Research competitors

Businesses operating in your niche are likely to know what they’re doing, especially the ones that have been around for years. This provides you the opportunity to take note of the content on their site.

The objective isn’t just to copy what they have, however, it does give you a chance to pick up some ideas for your unique content.

Focus on the first line

This study that looked at 20 billion user sessions found that the average time on a website page is 52 seconds. That’s all, just 52 seconds.

During this time you need to captivate website visitors and what better way to do that than by creating an option line that hooks them.

Open big by writing about something that grabs their attention quickly, such as one of the amazing benefits of your product/service.

Hire a professional

If trying to come up with content for your site is giving you a headache, then you can always turn to an expert copywriter. One company we know, Killer Copywriting, provides affordable copywriting for those wanting to turn website visitors into paying customers. It’s their specialty! It’s worth hiring a professional to help with your needs, experts in their own fields often bring a lot to the table.

Try A/B testing

To see what works and what doesn’t, try channeling website traffic to two different versions of the same page. You can write separate content for the pages to see which one gets the best response.

The beauty of using this method is that you’ll receive valuable data for your target audience that can also improve the business in other areas. For example, you can find what style of content is best used when advertising to lead people to the site.

Take a course

Those experienced in writing website content sometimes go on to create courses to share their secrets. If you’re not sure where to start then this is a good option.

Keep in mind there are high amounts to choose from and not all will be worth purchasing. Therefore, it’s best to do some research to find the most valuable course that will help you write website content that generates sales. We recommend Marie Forleo’s “The Copy Cure”

Understand your target audience

Content that’s written for your site should focus on relating to the intended audience, otherwise, it’s going to miss its mark.

For example, if you’re appealing to a younger demographic, using old sayings and less used words won’t have the effect you want.

To sum things up

In most cases, writing good website content doesn’t happen overnight. The development process can be ongoing to find out what delivers the greatest results. To point you in the right direction, these tips should

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