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essential technology checklist

Essential business technology

TLD relies on various tools, hardware, and software to work remotely. We’ve been in business over 20 years, so we’ve learned a few things!

We definitely don’t want to be running any of our PCs down to “their last legs”, and we’re on top of our security updates and payments for software. How have we gotten this down so well? I admit, from experiences! Which we don’t want you to have!

We all know how important it is to have the right tools to keep operations running smoothly and to enhance productivity. Here are some essential pieces of technology to help your business grow and thrive.

Invest in the right computer for your office or home work

When it comes to working in an office or from home, a computer that is reliable and efficient is essential. Look for a device with enough processing power and memory to handle the tasks you need it to perform. Consider the size and weight of the computer, as well as its portability, if you need to move it around. Make sure the computer has the necessary connectivity options, such as USB and HDMI ports, and a high-quality display. Finally, consider the brand’s customer service and warranty options to ensure you have support if you need it.

Choose the best industrial computer for your business

If you’re working in what is known as an industrial environment (construction, aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas), having the right industrial computer is essential for staying ahead.

These devices are designed with durability and reliability in mind, allowing you to rest assured they will withstand even the most rugged industrial environments. If you make a point of investing in a proper industrial PC  you’ll soon realise it’s worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing your work can be handled with durability and reliability, allowing you to rest assured it will withstand even the most rugged industrial environments.

Invest in updated software

Outdated software cannot keep up with changing technology and customer demands. Invest in software designed to keep pace with technology, and stay ahead of the curve. Upgraded software provides increased efficiency, improved functionality, and the ability to adapt to changes and new trends. At TLD, we keep up to date with the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Trello, Googe’s G Suite, WordPress, various plugins, and other web-based tools for business operations and social media management.

Install a secure network

This is something your IT company can advise you on, or you can ask for us to introduce you to the team we work with. With cyberattacks increasing and adhering to required laws for data protection, protecting sensitive company data and customer information is more critical than ever.

That’s why it’s essential to install a reliable and secure network. With the right network solution, you can give your customers the peace of mind they deserve, knowing their personal and financial data is safe and secure.

Build a solid online presence

Online marketing platforms can help you reach potential customers you may have never been able to connect with otherwise. From social media to email campaigns, there are endless options to choose from. Identify which platforms your target audience is most active on and tailor your content to fit their interests and behaviours. By doing so, you’ll attract new customers and build a loyal following that will keep coming back for more.

Invest in the right technology, and your business will have the tools it needs to succeed.

Then, it’s down to you!

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