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You won't see an offer like this until the next full blue moon

Blue Moon Offer in honour of a rare lunar occurence - a Halloween Full Blue Moon

This weekend, on the 31st, is the rare lunar full moon. Rare because it’s falling on the 31st October – this won’t happen again until the year 2038!

So we decided to come up with an amazing rare offer (limited to 3 people).

And at the same time, let me remind you that this weekend, due to the pandemic, Halloween parties are discouraged! So you can stay indoors and use Snapchat filters for your costume selfies.

Plus, Mars and Mercury are both in retrograde – which means it’s not a time to make rash decisions!

However, one smart decision you can make is to take me up on this rare offer, invented specifically for the Blue Full Moon this Halloween.

The offer consists of 3 elements:

  • Mini audit on your website and marketing, with 10 suggestions and 5 quick wins
  • 45 mins session with me to brainstorm your next “wow” piece of content
  • Follow up message with 5 clear next step recommendations

I will guide you through the process, and it’s likely to consist of some Q+A, idea discussion on the phone, and recommendations in a follow up email.

Following that, I will review progress at an agreed future time! Super easy, no charge, a once in a blue moon offer!

Sounds great? It will be I promise! We’ll allow 3 people to take part. To apply simply click this link to fill out the form! We will respond to every applicant within 72 hours!

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  1. Frank Boltman

    HI Karen
    It certaiy caught my eye !
    I would love to have your help in my buisness at this very difficult time.
    I believe you could add real value in a specific and experienced way.
    Best wishes