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Gibson Lamb - Superstar Client

Superstar Gibson Lamb - good for your wealth

Top Left Design has had the pleasure of working with Gibson Lamb for many years.

We’ve built a strong and enduring partnership. Since 2013, we have provided many design and marketing services to support Gibson Lamb’s brand and communication efforts. And they are on the TLD Loyalty Club!

Quality and innovation

At Top Left Design, our goal has always been to deliver exceptional design solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. Gibson Lamb shares our commitment to quality and innovation, making them an ideal client to collaborate with.

Dave has an amazing creative interest and collaborative spirit. And we aren’t afraid to say – he loves working with us. We’ve been able to build on his fully responsive WordPress website with a full array of materials to effectively represent the Gibson Lamb brand

These projects include branding, print design, animation, and illustration.

Amy works closely with Dave, and has designed graphical elements that effectively communicate Gibson Lamb’s services and offerings.

Gibson Lamb cover
Gibson Lamb brochure

We’ve worked with him on a manageable plan for keeping his blog and company LinkedIn up to date.

Cake topper

We even had the opportunity to showcase our creativity by designing a bespoke cake topper. It’s probably the only one we ever have made! This featured their brand elements and was for one of their anniversaries.

Wine bottle

Another cool thing we were able to do is design the Gibson Lamb wine label – see below!

Halloween graphic

Gibson Lamb Halloween Graphic

Captivating Videos

Gibson Lamb’s commitment to engaging their audience extends beyond traditional marketing materials. With their vision in mind, we collaborated on the production of two captivating videos. The first video, titled “Gibson Lamb Sustainability Journey,” highlights their dedication to sustainable practices and showcases their impact on the environment. The second video, titled “50 Years Gibson Lamb,” celebrates their remarkable journey of providing trusted financial guidance for half a century.

Gibson Lamb’s Sustainability Journey

50 Years Gibson Lamb

The little touches

We like to add unexpected little details. For example, Amy created a special 404 page – the page you would only ever see if you went to any wrong URL on the Gibson Lamb website.

Below, I have included a screenshot of a WhatsApp message sent by Dave when he noticed it!

A trusted partnership

Throughout our long-standing partnership, we have witnessed Gibson Lamb’s dedication to providing exceptional service and trustworthy advice to their clients. Their customer-first approach aligns perfectly with our values, making it a pleasure to work together.

Together, we have embraced technology advancements, ensuring that Gibson Lamb remains at the forefront of the industry.

As we continue our fruitful collaboration with Dave and Gibson Lamb, we look forward to assisting Dave in achieving more of his goals.

6 star review

Below is a screenshot of our Google Review, Dave’s own words! We love this review, and of course the quotable line from Dave “If Google had 6-star reviews, this would be one of them”.

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