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GDPR - 2 types of data

GDPR was annoying me so I created this content campaign

I had been so annoyed and bored every time I looked for information on GDPR. It’s overwhelming, confusing and stressful.
So, I decided (since we’re all in this together) we need to create some content that simplifies things. Content marketing, when done right, has a magical effect when it comes to communicating complex information. By it’s “little and often” nature, you can permeate people’s minds and educate them on many different concepts and aspects.

So, I put up a message on LinkedIn, and asked for experts.

Note the stats! Less people “like” GDPR but it’s certainly an interest. I knew this was needed! I got lots of recommendations – and I have several calls and meetings scheduled to learn more. I wanted to prove also, to myself and others, that using content to communicate important key messages, does not have to take over your life. In total from the first couple of conversations ( I created several pieces of content which will be shared online with the captions. The technical information came from the very helpful and knowledgeable Peter Borner from The GDPR Guys.
Here they are:

Why is GDPR so annoying?

Why is GDPR so annoying?
CAPTION: The cold hard truth about GDPR. We’re hoping that we can help you turn some of this around. It could give you business, if it’s forcing you to talk to your clients and ask for consent. It could be less of a hassle if your team are more motivated and informed. And it could be less expensive than you think – there are specialists who you can outsource to! And it’s happening to all your competitors.

Efforts are rewarded!

CAPTION: We’re all in this together, so might as well have fun with GDPR – set your tasks at work and promise Prosecco! I guess you can have a pint if you don’t like Prosecco!

What’s the most fun thing you’re talking about?

GDPR - what's more fun? GDPR or Bitcoin?
CAPTION: Yeah Bitcoin is super fun to read about and talk about and everyone wants to discuss it at length. But GDPR is coming, relevant to all and it can be fun too! It’s all about how you look at it. Make it fun by: Booking a lunch with a group of other businesses to talk about your GDPR strategies. Or, book a coworking session to go through all your business processes. Or, make a GDPR quiz with friends, each person puts in £5 and sends in a question – winner wins all the money, or gets a prize!

The GDPR Game!

Play the GDPR Game
CAPTION: See, GDPR is fun! Outsourcing your GDPR might be a lot easier to do if the above seems confusing. (Source: Peter Borner from The GDPR Guys –

Creating a defensible position

GDPR - defensible
CAPTION: Outsourcing your GDPR might be a lot easier to do if the above seems confusing. (Source: Peter Borner from The GDPR Guys –

All companies at risk:

GDPR data breaches - NHS, Carphone Warehouse, Uber
CAPTION: And all these cases happened before GDPR. Although the rule is the same for all companies, the visibility and volumes of data controlled by large companies makes them higher profile targets for both hackers and for the ICOs. Still – SMEs need to make sure they don’t get caught out. (Source: Peter Borner from The GDPR Guys –
GDPR - 2 types of data
Most companies will hold some sensitive personal data. For example, an employee’s bank details so that they can get paid! They key is to only hold the data you need, for only as long as you need it and to ensure you have documented the appropriate legal grounds for holding and processing that data. There are different legal grounds that apply to standard and sensitive personal data types. (Source: Peter Borner from The GDPR Guys –


GDPR tick this box
CAPTION: Consent for why you have data – it’s got to be a lot more explicit these days. Not confusing anymore! One clear benefit of GDPR is clarity and transparency on how you want to be contacted! See, it’s not all bad!

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