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Catherene form Mills and McKinney Hearing

Revamping Mills & McKinney Hearing’s website: A Wix success story

How we went from an outdated website to a modern, responsive and highly personalised Wix website for Catherene.

For over 10 years, we’d been gently nudging Catherene from Mills & McKinney about her website.

We’d done the first version of the site, but it was so long ago, it was overdue an upgrade and needed new information. The old one wasn’t even responsive.

At TLD, the websites we do, being highly customised and after a thorough design stage, we still need to have our coders hand-coding HTML and integrate of custom WordPress. These high end sites take a significant amount of time to create, and this is reflected in the cost.

We won’t lie, there’s also an investment of time on our client’s side – we are collaborative and involve our clients in the process. They have to be ready for this!

However, we had come up with a way to speed up the process, lower the time, and lower the investment, by using Wix. Without compromising on the visual/design element! This is why Catherene decided to make the change, at last.

Now she has a website she loves, which adapts seamlessly to various devices, and she’s proud enough to work on her social media and market her hearing practice business more actively.

Capturing the essence: Our amazing photographer Nada

In Catherene’s own words: “Keren and Amy introduced me to the talented photographer, Nada, who added a unique and personal visual dimension to my project.”

Yes, to truly showcase Mills & McKinney Hearing, we needed captivating visuals. We recommended our talented photographer, Nada from Nada Photography. She spent time at the clinic, capturing Catherene in her environment But Nada didn’t stop there — she always gives more! She enlisted her own son as a model for the photos.

After all, Catherene works with many children, and we wanted to convey that warmth and expertise.

Children’s hearing assessment & management

From words to panels: Amy’s design magic

Catherene poured her heart into the copywriting, resulting in long, informative pages. Our designer, Amy, took up the challenge. She transformed those text-heavy pages into visually appealing panels. Each section now has its own navigation, making it easy for visitors to find what they need. Amy’s attention to detail ensures that the website is not just informative but also easy on the eyes.

Wix vs. WordPress: The SEO Showdown

Now, let’s talk about SEO. Wix has come a long way in this department. Its built-in SEO tools allow us to optimise each page, meta tags, and images. While WordPress plugins offer similar features, Wix streamlines the process. Plus, Wix’s user-friendly interface means Catherene can even make SEO related changes, without bothering our coders. And since the launch we’ve put her in touch with Tom, our SEO specialist, and he’s working on boosting her site on search engines.

Coding time cut: Wix’s hidden superpower

Remember the days of hand-coding HTML? While we’re still doing this with our WordPress sites, with Wix, that’s simply not a thing.

We love WordPress, but let’s face it— it takes some really special skills and many many hours of time to carefully integrate the website into WordPress’s CMS so it’s easy to updates. In future, integrating updates and managing plugins can be time-consuming. Wix’s website builder eliminates the need for manual coding. Our designers can focus on creativity, knowing that the technical aspects are covered.

Image optimisation and seamless navigation

While Wix simplifies many tasks, we still invest significant time in page building and formatting. For the Mills & McKinney site, we optimised provided images for fast loading. We also ensured smooth navigation between sections and pages. After all, a well-organised site keeps visitors engaged and encourages exploration.

And there you have it! The tale of how Mills & McKinney Hearing’s website got a modern makeover. If you’re considering a website upgrade, we’re fully ready with our Wix skills.

We can have a clean and responsive design, captivating visuals, complementary colours, good copywriting and smart SEO.

“The final product from Top Left Design went beyond my imagination”

We got to spend a lot of time with Catherene during this project, with additional training on Wix, blogging and social media. She’s joined the ranks of the TLD superstar clients. Here’s the review she wrote for us.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our experience and observations. Individual results may vary. Visit Mills & McKinney Hearing Practice to explore their new website!

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