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The strangeness of blog comments

The strangeness of blog comments

Many of the commments we get on our blog are sadly the work of folk who want “back links” to their sites – it’s a search engine trick.

While going through some of the latest, I thought I just HAD to share some of the odd and irrelevant comments we have gotten. I have divided this into 3 main topics so far!

Strange English

“Hi, my english isnt the incredibly finest but I mark next to regulary visits of this blog it are prosperous to be much improved by nature the next time. You deliver a large wrting manipulation that is docile to understand and can aids folks like me to learn english. I desire be now a regulary caller of your blog.”

“Hello, i like your blog and your review style. The outword air of your blog is fair as splendidly and I last will and testament bookmark it.”

“I’m John. I’m reading this purlieus from 3 year and I conclude to pen something from me. I’m disciple and I haven’t job. I search it everywere. Model I allot a supplemental website with job ofert. I prove it and i send meny app as a replacement for a pain in the neck from my dream. I fancy i come up with It in next time. If you agree abot commendable assign with a view student desire send me info. Thanks quite much and be in drink my friend.”

“I have been searching for a time for just a reasonable study dealing with this kind of subject matter . Checking out in Aol I now uncovered this website. Reading this post I’m just happy to enunciate that I’ve got a great impression I discovered precisely what I was looking for. For certain i will be sure to don’t forget this blog and go here on a constant basis.”

“Thanks a lot for present extremely superior informations. Your world-wide-web is greatI am impressed by the material that you’ve on this blog. It shows how properly you comprehend this subject. Bookmarked this amazing page, will come again for extra. You, my friend, amazing! I discovered just the data I already looked all over the place and just could not discover. What a ideal internet site. Like this web page your web page is 1 of my new favourite.I like this info shown and it has offered me some type of enthusiasm to have accomplishment for some cause, so keep up the wonderful operate!”

Completely irrelevant but obvious plugs for other products

“Great help, I am new to this site, but learn a lot. Auto insurance is a funny thing. Each state has different rules and regulations on how auto insurance coverage should work. Despite all these laws and regulations, consumers have power over their coverage. Here are three items that your auto insurance agent won’t tell you when you sign the dotted line:”

“I think making money is a necessity these days, and we should grab whatever we can get. Problem is, most the letters you get through the post are a load of bollocks, so how is one really meant to make money? Well, I have actually find a completely intuitive way of making money – this can be done with your full time job, and I am currently working as an accountant fulltime as well as doing this, which brings in a total of $2500/month. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I only work on it for an hour or so every couple of days, becaause I’m lazy haha If you want to check it out, click on the link in my name “

“Why have you taken out my post? It was very beneficial information and i guarantee atleast 1 person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this site. I’ll post it again. Sick of getting low amounts of useless traffic to your website? Well i wish to let you know about a brand new underground tactic that produces me personally $900 each day on 100% AUTOPILOT. I could truthfully be here all day and going into detail but why dont you simply check their site out? There is really a excellent video that explains everything. So if your seriously interested in making easy money this is the website for you.”

“We were at the supermarket when my husband and I saw gorgeous gift items which were discounted. We decided to purchase one since it’s our neighbour’s golden wedding anniversary tomorrow. We always liked them because they are very kind to us.”

“Hi do you know if it would be safe to put hemorrhoid cream (like Preparation H) on keloid scars to reduce the swelling and pain? My keloid scars are from heart surgery 3 years ago.”

“My girlfriends an myself have been getting this great new dieting product at this website, Has anyone tried it so I can add some feedback. It’s at Pure Colon Cleanse. Let me know what you think… Thx!!”

Complimentary but suspicious

They were on blog posts which were somewhat irrelevant to the compliments!

“Scores of solid, hard to find data here. Encountered this blog entry by surfing on Google. You’re truly causing me reevaluate my belief about this stuff and seldom does that happen to me… LOL. Thanks!!”

“Great post! This information has proved invaluable to me and has broadened my horizons and will have great impacts on the knowledge of the global world!”

“I like this website shown and it has given me some sort of desire to have success for some reason, so thank you.”

“Hi useful site. I think past life regression therapy might be of interest as it discusses some similar subjects. Anyway keep up the great work, this is fast approaching one of my top 10 sites!”

In conclusion — it’s odd that actual humans are doing this – don’t you think?

It’s downright bizarre. I welcome any genuine comments sharing the strange blog post comments you have gotten on your blogs! But please, no more strange blog comments on our blog!

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  1. Andri

    So funny, I keep getting random comments in Chinese that sound like they’ve come from fortune cookies.

    • Keren

      Those ones we haven’t seen. Mind you I have to go through around 500 of them still. A good use of my time I am sure!

  2. Alan Ogden

    I actually know the reason but the speculation is funnier!

  3. Roberta Ward

    I can completely agree with you here ( I came here via a friend who tweeted it BTW!) We run a successful property based blog and get loads of this spurious types of comment. Its very irritating. I now just delete and block them from further commenting. Unfortunately its one of the by products of having a successful blog in the first place. Gotta take the rough with the smooth I guess.
    Im convinced there is a place in India somewhere with a call centre type set up where those employed target certain markets for blogs and type the same comment on every one they come to! I have one company that sets up email after email at google and puts the same comment on repeatedly. extremely irritating.

  4. Alicia Cowan

    I also get loads of these. I was reading a bunch of strange comments received on my blog this morning. One simply said ‘Herp derp’!
    Proof that using a good spam filter and ensuring you moderate comments before approving is a very good idea…

    • Keren

      Herp derp. What does that even mean? The mind boggles.

  5. Adele Jameson

    Great blog – I always thought these strange language comments were due to a person writing in their own language and using a converter to English.
    It is also really difficult to work out who is actually giving valid info in a quite innocent manner eg ‘Don’t know whether you’d be interested in this Independent article: url xyz etc.’ and those who are flogging their own blog. (Flogging your blog (!) Hey, that’s quite good :D)

  6. Colin Newlyn

    I thought of a new word for this! It’s like spamming, right? But not using email, using a blog. So … I was going to call it blamming. Brilliant, isn’t it? Then I did a search on google to see if anyone else had thought of it. I think splogging is a much better word now.
    Anyway, this type of splogging is either automated, or is being processed by people in India on behalf of others, or is people using translators. It’s annoying but what is really reprehensible is people who should know better hijakcing blogs to promote their own stuff. That’s not joining in the conversation, it’s the modern, online equivalent of someone selling life insurance at a party (or a wedding, or a funeral…).

    • Keren

      Colin that’s genius. Splogging! It will be in the urban dictionary within weeks! But you saw it here first, folks!

  7. Chris McLellan

    Two things you can do:
    1. Set ‘Nofollow’ on your blog (ask any web designer how to do this) and that makes the spammer’s backlinks invisible to Google, and therefor useless for SEO purposes
    2. Use a Comment Manager like Disqus to manage your blog comments. This allows for reporting spam and will block the user from yours and other blogger’s sites in future
    Good Luck!
    (ps both of the above can be implemented on WordPress)

  8. Sue

    Great article – I get most annoyed with those who know enough to want to promote themselves and just keep overdoing it.