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Wordpress blog site - is this the right type of site for me?

Websites built with WordPress or other blogging platforms like Posterous or Tumblr can be a great replacement for a full website.  Well written and relevant news articles and posts are brilliant way to market your business. If you are a single person running a small business it’s an ideal replacement for a full website. If you are running a larger company then there are ways a blog can be used for marketing certain parts of your business.

It’s less expensive to design and build, and you can manage it yourself.

Some reasons we love blogs:

  • They are fully customisable so the design can vary radically!
  • You can showcase pictures from and tell stories about the projects you have worked on
  • You can promote the work of your favourite clients and suppliers.
  • A blog site is easy to update and most people can learn the basic skills within a 40 minute training session
  • You can write a number of different types of articles – for some examples have a look at this article about the different types of blog posts.
  • They easily integrate with social media such as Twitter and Flickr and Facebook
  • You can write articles about the different services you provide
  • You can easily include video embedded from Vimeo or YouTube.
  • A blog which is regularly updated means there is fresh content all the time which means it’s a more interesting site to go and visit.
  • Having a regularly updated blog on the site is also great for search engines. Each time you add a page to your blog, you create another page on the internet, and this means search engines are more likely to find your site when people search for you.
  • You can pre-set when you would like your blog posts to go “live” and go back and change them whenever you like.
  • Blog posts can be easily shared on the internet through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like more information on the different options for setting up a blog, please email us and we will be happy to help!

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