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Some feedback from our recent seminars

Read on to find out how people felt about our last 2 seminar held on the 20th and 26th of January – all about Blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn for business. You will feel like you were there!
And our next seminar, in case you are interested, is on Social Media for Business – on February 17th

Yemi Osunkoya, bespoke wedding dress designer, said the following:

I recently attended a workshop organised and given by Keren of Top Left Design on Social Media for Business. Keren’s knowledge in this field is exemplary and she was able to deliver this in a clear, concise and easily understandable manner. I have already began to put knowledge acquired at the workshop to use and they have already started showing results. I highly endorse the services that Keren provides

Alicia Cowan, social media savvy VA said the following:

Keren supplied a fantastic (and free) consultation for my website and we have since worked together on social media workshops. She has a natural eye for design detail and a rare skill of creating websites that not only combine beauty and usability, but include up-to-the-minute marketing techniques. Keren is on a mission: to equip businesses with the knowledge to make the most of their online presence, and to look good doing it. A super networker, Keren has qualities that everyone wants from a business associate and service provider: integrity, loyalty, honesty, knowledge, skill and generosity. Her professionalism and passion for design are immediately obvious the moment you meet her.

Adam Cox, corrective exercise specialist and bodyshaping expert said the following:

After attending the TLD Social Media Seminar I have a much, much clearer idea of the strategy to use for my business when it comes to incorporating social media into my P.R campaign.
The venue, TLDs offices, is fantastic and makes for a very “comfortable” environment to learn.
Keren’s moral view is also refreshing when it comes to social media for business and shows you don’t need to bombard people with information they don’t necessarily want or need to create a fantastic network. I will be working with TLD again in the future and will be attending future seminars. I have no hesitation in recommending Keren or her team.

Darrin des Vignes, tech consultant
said the following:

TLD’s blogging seminar is a great platform to launch into the blogosphere! Keren and her team took into consideration the scatter of experience among the attendees and catered to their specific needs. The session covered everything from Do’s and Don’ts, types of blogs, the intricacies of time management and etiquette of the platform as a whole. It is relatively easy for anyone to start blogging but very difficult to do it effectively with optimal impact… and this is where TLD seminars excel. Keren has a wealth knowledge when it comes to social tech-networking and not only will she help you transform your business endeavours into an online tool but is a great personality, a hub, that is constantly creating connections between people and developing positive relationships. Conducted in a very relaxed environment with sofas, coffee, cupcakes and banter… the training sessions and seminars at TLD are highly recommended for those wanting to take their first right step into blogging! The cupcakes are awesome and lunch made me very happy.

Brendan Staunton, Copywriter
said the following:

As a writer, I was looking for ideas on how to make better use of blogging for my business. The Top Left Design seminar was excellent. Keren is a charming host and a fluent and accomplished presenter with a relaxed style all of her own. She explained the ‘who’ and ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of blogging and I especially liked how she encouraged participation without interrupting the flow of information. We all had an interesting and enjoyable time – even the food was well thought out. Highly recommended.

Michael Marks, Designer and Illustrator
said the following:

I knew I wanted to blog. I knew I wanted to share my insights, rants and quirky, yet endearing, humour with the waiting world. The only small obstacle between myself and my eager audience was not knowing how to blog, when I should blog or even the actual advantages of blogging – and whether it was right for me or not. I didn’t know my WordPress from Weblog or my Tumblr from my template. So, where to begin?
I can recommend Top Left Design’s Blogging Seminar as a very good place to start, where I went from blog-less novice to blog-ready acolyte in one painless session.
The seminar took place at TLD’s ambient and friendly offices in the west end. Comfortably snuggled between a blog-savvy copywriter – there to hone his blogging knowledge – and a laser-focused business owner – there to find out how blogging could increase her market share – I was relaxed and ready to discover how I could let the world share in my amusing observations.
Keren Lerner, TLD’s Director and our host, initiated us into the joys and pitfalls of the blogosphere, delivering a deceptively detailed amount of information in a relaxed and accessible way. The fifteen attendees each represented very different businesses – from a freelance movie producer to an interior designer – and required answers specific to them, but Keren ensured we were with her each step of the way, giving us a clear understanding if blogging was right for us and, if it was, how to start blogging for fun and profit.
Keren, with the assistance of case studies and real world examples, took us from the first faltering steps of blogging, through which blogging tools were right for each of us, to content, frequency and blog-etiquette. She also introduced us to the best blog-gurus on the web and the most relevant and appropriate resources for us.
The seminar was rendered even more painless by the comfortable and welcoming environment and the homemade cupcakes. Coffee breaks and lunch gave the attendees the opportunity to chat with each other and share our knowledge – or lack of it – about the world of blogging and to exchange business cards.
Rather than fill our heads with information and turn us out, blinking, into the world, we were given worksheets to complete during the seminar and take away with us. Even more impressively, Keren followed up the seminar with emails containing links to all the resources we’d discussed and a link to the entire presentation.
If you sincerely want to blog but have no idea how, where or how often, I suggest you book up for a TLD Blogging Seminar right now. After one session you’ll understand if blogging is right for you, what you should be saying, how you should be saying it and who you should be saying it to. The blogosphere is only a mouse-click away. Hmm, sounds like the title of my next blog post.

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