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Blogger vs Blogger

To become a successful blogger, you must keep up to date with what your fellow bloggers are up to!

That’s why below, we have linked to 2 fantastic blogs, which should hopefully inspire you into becoming a better and more active blogger yourself!

Copyblogger was founded in January of 2006 by Brian Clark. Brian is CEO of Copyblogger Media, a serial entrepreneur, and a recovering attorney.
The website focuses on creating compelling content as a way to drive traffic to your website. Making content that people want to read is an art in itself, and one of the most fundamental parts of being a successful blogger! If you don’t create interesting content, nobody will want to read it, or share it!


Problogger is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.

Darren Rowse started the site in September 2004 mainly because he wanted to keep a record of what he was learning about blogging for money. Since then he has added well over 3500 articles, tips, tutorials and case studies to the website archives.

So get reading, and get inspired!

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