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Social Media - is it worth it?

Is social media for business worth it?

I guess the counter-question for this is: Why would the majority of businesses today either be doing something about social media, or otherwise mortifyingly aware that they aren’t doing it right/enough/effectively?
True, it’s often a waste of time.

And this is largely because of the combination of:

  • Not having asked yourself the right question
  • Not having developed a good strategy (which includes planning, scheduling, and measuring)
  • Having people who aren’t naturally “good at it” working on social media activities
  • Not having enough time to keep up with the expected/planned activity

You need to consider – who is looking at your stuff (potentially)
In this day and age you cannot just rely on your website to generate all your leads and traffic. People are so often bombarded by media they have even less time to Google your services – and even then there is huge competition for that prime page one position.
We are well entrenched now in the age of social media – almost everyone has a LinkedIn account at least, most also have Facebook, and Instagram or Twitter or both.
Even if you personally don’t feel you need these – your company does!

Social media is used by your audience, and for you, it’s got several advantages:

  1. Get started fast: It’s relatively quick and easy to get started on – setup on a new channel can take a day, and when we train people on how to effectively use any of the main social media platforms, they can learn what they need to do within a 1-3 hours face to face session.
  2. Little and often: Each update or even blog post, once you have a bit of practice, can be quick to produce, and in fact people prefer seeing something from you little and often compared to too much – (long drawn out essays of too much information) and then you disappear – leaving tumbleweeds!
  3. Sideline benefits: Done right, you can increase links to your website, reinforce existing relationships, improve your SEO ranking with Google, get inspiration for topics and trends, and gain customer insights.
  4. You’ll be noticed: Over time, with this “little and often” activity based on a proper plan – some of the people in your online circles will slowly start to gain an awareness of you and your business. It may be subtle, even subliminal, but it will happen.
  5. Your own business mentality: If you’re regular and active on social media, following the basic rules of interactivity, a mix of planned and spontaneous updates, and care and attention on both design and copywriting, you’ll reinforce to yourself and your own team why you’re great at what you do and what differentiates you. This will help you in your future sales conversations and of course your content marketing activity.

For example, The Doctors Orders Hip Hop & RnB club nights have gained a loyal following of people going to their parties from their impressive 27000 followers across Facebook and Instagram over the years. Family events company Fun DMC London, from the same promoters, are also in the process of doing the same thing via Facebook and Instagram with around 4000 followers so far.

Slightly more convinced and want to learn more? We run social media and content marketing workshops regularly here at TLD – check this page to book your spot!

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