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Men are like cats and women are like dogs (70% of the time)

This isn’t some fad self-help blog. I am not writing this to make money. I am not just inventing a catchy title to get people to read this (ok maybe I am a little bit). I just want to put this out there and see who agrees – that 70% of the time – this is the score.

The reason I am putting this onto this blog – as it’s important to add context – is that this post is a good example of an observation on a reality (with a catchy title)

This is – I admit – a generalisation about how men and women behave in the early stages of a relationship – where they haven’t yet found their balance. The relationship is typically one sided – with the girls pouring lots and lot of love into the relationship and the guys being aloof and non-committal.

The guys started off by gracefully prancing and showing off how smooth their coat was, how graceful they run and how high they jump. How could a girl resist?

How are women like dogs?

Imagine this scenario. You come home tired and stressed. Your dog bounds up and wants to lick your face and engulf you with unconditional love. They give wholeheartedly. You feel overwhelmed by it all. You just want to sit and calmly pet the dog – not be bowled over and have the dog lick you all over your face – yuck!

If you leave the dog too long he whines pitifully and looks at you with sad eyes. You feel guilty and give the dog attention. The dog loves you more.

How are men like  cats?


Imagine the scenario. You come back home from work. Your cat is in the next room snoozing. In order to get your cat’s attention you have to go over and pay attention to it. But not too much or the cat will run away. You feel insecure and wish to be continuously validated.

The cat – if left alone in the other room – will eventually saunter in and ask for food. It will wrap itself around your legs purring and may even sit on your lap. It may scratch you but without any real maliciousness – more an absent minded pain infliction. The main purpose for the cat is to keep clean and groomed and in tip top shape – win a bit of adventure (tearing around the house, chasing bugs and mice and squeaky toys) and of course plenty of rest and relaxation! You may want more from the cat but it isn’t your decision and if you try and force the cat to love you it will distance itself further from you.

Dog people and cat people

Is this a thing? I am not sure – but use the comments box below to respond. Do dog people love more? Are cat people emotionally unavailable or distant? Discuss!

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  1. Alan

    Perhaps men are like fish. They do the same thing when you come home from work as they’ve been doing all day, going round and round in circles open mouthed, and they only notice you when you drop some food in their general vicinity.

    If you try and get love and attention from the fish you will realise it can’t do anything different than what it’s doing already and the only option is to flush it down the loo.

  2. Mo Jumale

    This caught my attention I never read blogs. Nice one Keren, I enjoyed reading it. But the first comment Lol! Poor little fish. I’m a cat by the way.