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Tricks you can stick up your sleeve to protect you from scary marketing monsters

Scary marketing monsters? What are they?

We don’t mean to scare you. But you need to know. Knowledge is power. The fact is that – YOU – can be your worst enemy – and really succumb to your own demons.

Don’t let your marketing be driven by fear!

The real danger that you may rush out there and have someone setup your blog and social media profiles without properly knowing how to set them up or how to behave on them – how to keep them up to date – without thinking about your key messages, your audience and your brand.

And then what happens is that people who check you out see out of date or inconsistent profiles.

What impression is that making about your business?

The real scary dangers:

  1. Putting it up and forgetting about it – social media needs to be fed like a hungry beast!
  2. Haphazard posting – it’s worthwhile planning  your content ahead of time
  3. Not captioning properly or explaining things properly – these little details can make all the difference
  4. Not filling out the full information – this includes bios, profile images and banner images
  5. Outsourcing too much – to people who don’t know enough about your business

If you are really saying “I don’t have time” or “It’s too technical for me” then stick with us – here are some easy “ease you in” options – and you can always come to us for more help/hand holding!


Cover the basics. As mentioned in my post “What do superheroes have in common with marketing?” you need to ensure you have your social profiles done.

Start with LinkedIn and get your profile right. Spend 1 hour on it. Upload a picture and change your vanity URL. And then write your summary. Some examples of good summaries are:

If you are setting up a Facebook page for your business make sure you upload a banner and a profile picture. The banner needs to be 852 pixels wide and 350 pixels high. Check this page for good examples and this handy guide for sizes. And then post a mixture of images/videos and links (mostly visual content) – once or twice a day.

Blogging is important for business. There are lots of advantages – its a place to put articles and posts that can show projects you have done, show off your expertise with advice posts, announce events, share team news, and comment on  developments in your industry. Be sure to mix it up and vary your posts.  Brainstorm your headlines in advance and have a good balance of the different types of posts – all within your niche. Read this handy article about headline writing.

Twitter has amazing benefits but only dive in if you like the idea of talking to new people every day, expanding your network and sharing and reading interesting content you and your twitter friends find online. It’s something you would do every day – it’s great and it’s fun but it’s not mandatory and it is a way of life.

Keep reading and learning about social media so you get better and better at it!

You probably wonder how is it that we are so clever and informed? Its cos we keep up to date with industry news. There is no hiding away, marketing is something businesses need to learn more about. All you have to do is read. Here are some great blogs – but if you want to come to us, we are here for you too!

If you have any worries, advice, stories or thoughts we would love you to comment below! Feel free – there are many benefits to commenting on blog posts – which is the subject for a whole other blog  post!

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