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TLD Loyalty Club - what's changed and what's the same?

TLD Loyalty Club - then and now

This year we redeveloped our Loyalty Club to be more proactive and more focused on output. For some of our clients who’ve been on the Loyalty Club for a while, we refer to the “old vs new” versions of the Loyalty Club.

The Loyalty Club was only introduced a few years ago

In a business like ours, which has been around since pretty much the dawn of time (2002) I have only in the last few years found a way to have clients on a regular ongoing service plan, which was not only good for us (certainty, cash prediction) but also of value to them. It’s much easier to sell something you know 100% is going to benefit your customer.

Risks of doing nothing

With all the projects we’ve done – many of them websites – we’ve found that they were great on the day but years would go by and then they would be looking “less fresh”. And occasionally we’d write to clients and say “let’s get it sorted”. And sometimes they’d say “ok” and other times they would find it too big to deal with and it would slip to the bottom of the priority pile for them (which, of course, is totally wrong!)

Limiting beliefs

With the early version of the TLD Loyalty Club I had a belief that this would only work with people who we’d done projects for. That other people would find it too much of a commitment as they didn’t know us.
Then over the last couple of years, we proved this theory wrong, and took on brand new clients where we integrated projects into the Loyalty Club, saving them 20-30% on average and getting them used to the proactive approach that we’ve designed the Loyalty Club around. I just got more used to talking about it differently!

The main characteristics of the original Loyalty Club were:

  • Clients got a fresh batch of time with us each month
  • You could carry over from the past (3 months)
  • You could borrow from the future (3 months)
  • You would get consultancy and planning sessions included free of charge,
  • All the WordPress and plugin updates would be proactively done – also free of charge.

Certain things are the same – and there are some improvements

We still work on a fixed cost per month basis. There are 3 levels, starting at £480+VAT a month, and the choice depends on how much you think you really will need in your business. The idea is that with the Loyalty Club there is less likelyhood of things “lapsing” in your marketing activity, or things breaking on your website.
A project each month: We work on output not hours. If we spend longer that doesn’t mean you have to pay us more. We agree what we will be doing in each month.
A new currency: We’re using “Units” instead of hours – which can be swapped for projects, and since a Unit is worth £800 and many projects would be £1200, £1500, even £2000 – this saves the client money – a much deserved reward!
Growth and improvements: built in is an element of consultancy – in line with your business goals and budget. We help you prioritise what projects we should do first – what will make the most impact for you right now?
You get bonuses:  we still give all the WordPress updates and Plugin updates free of charge, and we sometimes do other little updates and small coding fixes as freebies.
Saving lots: You’re saving 20-50% compared to our fixed costs
Expert marketing strategy: We’ll help you plan – 3/6/12 months ahead, and have this plan in place reviewed periodically
Throw a spanner: We’re flexible, so if you have a special event / anniversary / award / campaign idea / opportunity) – we’ll work it out with you!

What’s next?

We love that we’re now so much a part of the fabric and ecosystem of our Loyalty Club clients and to give the best possible service, we’d like cap the members, and take on 4-6 more. We’ll be focusing on finding some clients who need lots and lots of work done very regularly – we can help with ongoing creation and planning of social media, writing and designing product sheets, creating case studies that can be used across different mediums, and so much more. As always, we welcome anyone who’s reading this to reach out by email/text/WhatsApp etc and chat with us, with the hopes of working together long term!
Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

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