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Unique Greatness - the big secret

The secrets we keep - why people keep hiding their "Unique Greatness"

Running a business is a juggling act.
At a recent Dublin based EO event we explored the 4 different “business decisions” – People, Cash, Execution and Strategy, according to Verne Harnish’s books Scaling Up and  Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

The most important business decision

My favourite speaker at the event, Alan Miltz, pointed out that a business can still run when things are slightly not right with the people, or if the way you’re executing your services/production etc isn’t quite efficient enough, or if you haven’t yet mapped out the strategy in the most clear and inspiring way. But without cash – you’re going to need to shut your doors pretty quick.
So it’s not surprising that the most important things most people  prioritise are to do with bringing in cash – for example responding to orders and enquiries, and delivering services so you keep your promises, and people continue to pay you.
And when cash is scarce the thought of spending chunks of money on any projects can raise your blood pressure a few notches!
We’re fully aware of that being one of the main reasons people neglect their marketing, which is why we’ve come up with so many special things like “fast action bonuses,”  spread payments and the TLD Loyalty Club to give extra value and help our clients manage their cashflow.

Are any of these statements true about you?

I believe that great businesses need to look the part. So if the answers to these questions are “yes” then it makes sense to be showing these facts off in your website, social profiles, and marketing collateral – with smart, efficient quality design and marketing.

  1. You have a great business which you are passionate about.
  2. You are contributing something useful to the world.
  3. You are making money (not enough? No one thinks they make enough!).
  4. You have happy people in your team who share your values.
  5. If you are aspirational and want to learn how give a great impression in all the communications and touchpoints people have of you.
  6. You are not resting on your laurels, you choose to upgrade those things regularly, and you’re on your way to great.

Within my interactions with other business people, all too often, there are some amazing businesses bobbing along, keeping their “Unique Greatness” a secret. They could say yes to some or most of the 6 factors above, but they are not communicating this to the outside world.

So why do people hide these truths?

  1. Well – there’s the time factor – this is the most common reason/excuse I hear – you just don’t have the time, other things are getting in the way/taking priority.
  2. You perhaps don’t know how to show off what’s great about you without feeling like it’s “bragging.”
  3. Maybe you don’t really know how to differentiate yourself, and all the words/designs you come up with seem samey and sometimes even boring.
  4. And other times – you’re stuck in your own head –  a mental block of procrastination where you’re getting in your own way.

To me, despite these setbacks and reasons, marketing is vital. It includes all the things people see and hear about you, to cause them to think positive things, and remember you when it’s time to choose your service/product. So it’s crucial for business and even for cash!

Making it obvious – if you’ve done these things, you’re winning!

I’ve put together a quick “checklist” that you can run through to see if perhaps you’re actually further ahead than you think. See how you do!

  1. You’ve identified your single statement – you do what, how for who – and why (see Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” TED talk for more on this.
  2. This is written, with some variation where necessary, on your website, social profiles, email marketing, collateral business cards and even signatures.
  3. It’s clear to you and your team what your key messages are.
  4. You have a content plan on how these will be proven via your blog, email marketing and social media activity.
  5. There is nothing incorrect or embarrassing about your online profile.

If, however, you marketing is off the mark – and your website, social profiles, newsletter, messaging, design, branding and image choices are in need of some fixing – then things need to change. So be glad you know me!
Why keep your greatness a secret? Why make yourself look bad? Why not tell the truth – that your business is awesome!
If you have such a great business, you will need other people in the world to know about it. This is what fuels you – so your business will attract more customers and can become more profitable and as a result, do more of the wonderful work you are here on this planet to do!
As mentioned above, it’s exactly what we’re geared up to do. Reveal your “Unique Greatness” through design and communication. Whether we begin with a simple clean up project, or you become a part of the TLD Loyalty Club – we have options and we know how to make it easy.
By the way, email us with “UNIQUE GREATNESS” in your subject line and we’ll give you 20% off your first project with us. I believe it’s good to generously reward attention to detail – hence this deal. Looking forward to talking to you about this and helping you start 2020 strong!

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