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Eversholt Rail - superstar client

Eversholt Rail - internal communication superstars

At our company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional design solutions that go beyond the conventional.

Our recent collaboration with Eversholt Rail, one of our superstar clients, is a way of showing our commitment to creating impactful internal communication materials.

Rather than focusing solely on public-facing assets, Eversholt Rail recognised the importance of nurturing their team’s satisfaction and well-being.

As a result, we embarked on two remarkable projects that elevated their internal communication to new heights.

The difference with Eversholt Rail

Unlike most of our clients, Eversholt Rail didn’t ask us to help with their public-facing website. Nor did they ask for other visible materials such as PowerPoint presentations, social media content, or brochures.

While we have been doing some behind-the-scenes work on their website security and some minor updates, the main thing we’ve been focusing on helping them with is their internal communications for the Eversholt team.

Their office move and the brochure that went with

The first project involved creating a glossy brochure to showcase their new offices. We incorporated improved branding elements such as shapes, colours, and image styles, and the brochure itself was designed as a way of telling staff about the amazing new amenities at their new offices and highlighting all the benefits.

The result? A lovely, visually appealing communication piece that left a lasting impression on employees.

Eversholt Rail book
Eversholt Rail - book - inner pages

Cyber Security Awareness Day

In the second project, we designed eye-catching posters and convenient cheat sheets for Eversholt Rail’s “Cyber Security Awareness Days.” By combining informative content with captivating visuals, we successfully engaged employees. This helped foster a culture of heightened cyber awareness within the company.

Eversholt Rail - Cyber Awareness Posters
Eversholt Rail cheat sheet - scams and fraud
Eversholt Rail cheat sheet - Phishing

And then Keren even went over to spend the day at Eversholt and delivered 3 training sessions on using LinkedIn.

Most of our clients come to us because they need marketing to bring in new business. They want to create the right first impression, and keep themselves top of the minds of their audience.

Eversholt is different. Eversholt prioritised investing in their team’s satisfaction and well-being at work. They are established in the industry, and know the value of their team. This is why they put so much into training and development. A happy team will deliver results smoothly and efficiently.

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