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Customer engagment potion

How to enchant your customers

Welcome to the world of customer engagement, where we’ll show you how to enchant your audience.

We’ll provide you with the ingredients and steps needed to create an irresistible customer engagement strategy that will cast a spell on your target audience.

Imagine your business as a cauldron

A cauldron, bubbling with creativity and magic. With the right combination of captivating website design, compelling content, persuasive call-to-action buttons, eye-catching visuals, and a dash of social media magic, you’ll concoct a potion that will leave your audience mesmerised and eager to engage with your brand.

So grab your wand and get ready to stir the design, brew the content, add the call-to-action, simmer the social media magic, bake the user experience, and savor the results with analytics. Together, we’ll create a customer engagement potion that will captivate your audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive business growth.

Are you ready to embark on this magical journey?

Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets of enchanting customer engagement!

Recipe: Enchanting Customer Engagement Potion


  • 1 cup of captivating website design
  • 2 tablespoons of compelling content
  • 3 teaspoons of persuasive call-to-action buttons
  • A pinch of eye-catching visuals
  • A dash of social media magic


  1. Stir the Design: Begin by infusing your website design with captivating visuals that draw visitors into your magical world.
  2. Conjure the code: Like a spellbinding spell, ensure your website morphs into a clickable browser and device-friendly actual website!
  3. Brew the Content: In a cauldron of creativity, mix compelling content that tells your brand’s story and resonates with your target audience. Sprinkle persuasive call-to-action buttons throughout your site so your site visitors become enchanted by you.
  4. Simmer the Social Media Magic: Harness the power of social media by sprinkling your potion with a dash of carefully crafted posts, engaging with your audience and building a community.
  5. Serve with Analytics: Finally, savor the results of your potion by analysing website analytics, identifying areas for improvement, and continuously refining your enchanting customer engagement strategy.

You may think this is halloweeney and gimmicky, or you may find it charming and cute. For each of the below I’ve explained a bit more about what this means in “Muggle terms”.

Stir the design

To do this takes clever questioning and real understanding. We ask about you, your visual preferences, competitors, audience. and goals. After this, we work on layouts, presenting this information in an engaging way. We setup a meeting on Zoom or in person to present, discuss, and get feedback! We do this for each and every page.

The scary part

Some clients fear that they won’t be happy with the design. This doesn’t happen with us at Top Left Design. We take careful steps, show options and adjust from your feedback. We always get there – no site is built unless our clients are happy to sign it off!

Conjure the Code

Our coders get to work, taking the design we’ve created and making sure your customers can actually see it! This is high level clean code that lets the design become an interactive and updateable website. We ensure the site works on all the browsers and devices and is fully accessible for your users.

The scary part

We’ve tried and tested many coders over the years, and some weren’t right for us. Gallantly, we protected our clients from seeing the messy code and got things sorted, with the help of snagging lists, nagging emails, and calm persistence. Those coders didn’t last the distance. But our core team did, for years and years. Now we’re confident we have the right people on our team to translate our designs to beautiful working code.

Brew the Content

Here is where we ask you to review the planned text and work with us or a copywriter to fill the site with meaningful persuasive text. It needs focus and time, like anything worthwhile. We place equal importance on the design and the words in our layouts – a careful combination to ensure you guide visitors to take the desired actions and step by step, engage with you more.

The scary part

Some of our clients get too busy with their own work, they de-prioritise reviewing their website text, and the websites spend far too long waiting to lose its lorem ipsum placeholder text! Heed this warning, take responsibility, and don’t be afraid to ask for help – we have copywriting skills in house or we can recommend specialist copywriters.

Simmer the social media

Our content marketing workshop, called “Stand Out Content” allows us to identify and document your key messages and come up with headlines and ideas for great content that you can share regularly to improve your chances of your ideal customers engaging with you!

The scary part

You may find it scary to “put yourself out there.” The fact is, often content which shows the human side of any business is seen and remembered by more – which means real stories, personal experiences, and showing to the world what’s good and true about you. We’ll help you draft things that feel right and comfortable, and soon your confidence will grow!

Serve with analytics

We started with the end in mind – how do we increase customer engagement? We’ll record the numbers before launch and monitor them. We’ll see what social posts bring traffic in, how much time people stay on pages, and what the most popular posts and pages are. By watching this, we can improve, creating variations based on what works best for attracting your ideal clients.

The scary part

If you’re worried “what if it doesn’t work?” this is exactly why we’ve taken such careful steps and have elements that are updateable – templates can be changed, words and images swapped – the framework allows for this. And even the most successful businesses out there need to do a bit of trial and error. 

Ready to get started?

By following this recipe, you’ll create a potion that mesmerises your audience, leaving them under your business’ spell. In this mystical realm of customer engagement, we need to harness the power of design, technology, and storytelling to create an experience that transcends the ordinary.

If you feel lost and afraid, speak to us – we have the skills and experience to help you each step of the way. And we want your website to be enchanting, not horrifying.

For more on customer engagement, visit our evergreen post here:

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    Those coders didn’t last the distance. But our core team did, for years and drift boss years.