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Stop that scroll! Reception bell

Break the scroll: ideas on how to get noticed

Do you ever feel (in the business world) you need to (metaphorically) jump up and down and wave your arms around like a maniac to get anyone’s attention nowadays?

As people scroll through their phones looking at social media and search results, you’d want all the hard work you put into your website and marketing to be seen and noticed.

Wouldn’t you?

Otherwise, what a silly waste of time!

If your content/website “breaks the scroll” it means people stop, they look and read, spending a few precious seconds or longer thinking about YOU! You’ll be more likely to register in their minds.

And if you do quality marketing activity that gets attention regularly, by being creative and thinking differently, more people will remember you.

Most of us want to be remembered for something – and usually, this translates into the reason we started businesses, causes, or personal brands.

Here are 8 different ways you can “break the scroll” – try a handful and see how they feel!


You either have an against the grain point of view which may not be possible but you stand strongly by it. Or, you may have something to say about a current event / topic that is controversial. Either way, controversial content gets more noticed, talked about and shared!


Things that flash or move will catch people’s eye when they’re scrolling through. If, like us at TLD, you’re a little camera shy, there are many ways to use movement even without filming footage – using animated explainer videos, curation, typography, animated gifs, boomerangs, and stop motion.


Ooh, we squeezed this one in here! It’s definitely a bigger initiative. However, it’s certainly an attention-getter when people who are used to seeing you one way notice you showing up with a totally different look and message. Like any of these ideas, there are right and wrong ways to rebrand – consideration must be placed on your purpose, key messages, audience, positioning, and business goals. Talk to us if you would like to know more!

OMG offer

Owl Eye Offer from Top Left Design

A big visible never seen before amazing offer someone would be a fool to say no to! Be sure you can deliver though – limit the time or the number of people who can apply/qualify so you don’t fall into the “Groupon Trap”.

Go to the Guru

Recognise this guy? Be sure to watch the Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country, it's fantastic!

Is there an expert in your field you can talk to and ask for an interview/guest post/soundbite? They themselves will have a large audience (larger than yours, dare we presume?) and so once they are featured, they can help you build your audience.

Run back and get more

If you, like us at TLD, have been writing for years and have dropped some golden nuggets of information on your lucky readers and followers, go back into the vault and shine a new light on some of your best stuff! You can do list posts, find relevant places to link back to old content in new posts, and share links again with new pictures/captions.  

TLD meme using Kermit at the window

Make your own meme!

This requires a bit of creativity and we’re here to assist if you need us! Make your own memes at or You can make pretty cool memes from videos – try this tool: They encourage you to make videos to share or to spread awareness and positivity!

Stare at the moon

Sometimes you stare at your screen far too long, and your ideas just don’t show up in your brain! If this is happening to you, then be sure to be there for the Blue Full Moon this Saturday (we expect Halloween parties to be slim on the ground). Here are some blue full moon dos and don’ts to help you on your way.

Book a blue moon session

We don’t do this often. Only once in a blue moon. This is a special offer and includes a one hour session with Keren to help generate cool ideas for your social media that help you stand out, stop them scrolling, feel warm feelings for you, and closer to giving you money (for your fantastic work and services). Simply get in touch via this form and we’ll see you on the other side!

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